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The Good Place (Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Janet)
I'd be happy with just about anything funny and fluffy with this fandom, but in particular I'd die for some Eleanor/Chidi/Tahani as soulmates, smutty or just adorable and fluffy, either way. The three of them coming up with plans to trick Michael, or just sitting around in ethics class, or sexytimes. Alternately, I *need* more of the version where Tahani is Eleanor's soulmate--I felt so cheated that we didn't get to see any of what happened between them, but I think Eleanor would have basically jumped her before Tahani could say anything too awful, and then Michael would have had to eventually reset because the two of them barely got out of bed or left the house, and when they did Tahani would dress Eleanor up and they'd walk around on cloud nine hand in hand and feed each other yoghurt from their own spoons, and were just stupidly happy all the time which IS NOT HIS PLAN, OKAY?
Also, an AU of them still alive and all running into one another and falling in love would also be perfection. Any AU, really, this fandom lends itself to it!

iZombie (Liv, Ravi, Clive, Blaine)
Okay, so I only included those four because I had to pick, but I'd also love to see Major, Don E, Vaughn, and Rita, depending on what you do with the story. Basically, I think it's a crime that there is so little fic for this fandom, and I want more. I ship Liv/Major, Liv/Major, Liv/Clive, Ravi/Major, and basically any and all combinations thereof. I also love the dynamic between Vaughn and Rita which is really weird and fucked up but still based in father/daughter affection. And Blaine, oh how I love to hate him. Don't really ship him with anyone (except potentially Don E), but I LOVE how he interacts with everyone.
As far as what I'd like to see, I don't have any particular plot in mind. A case fic could be a lot of fun, or just the group sitting around at a weekly Game of Thrones viewing followed by Dungeons and Dragons, of course instituted by Clive following the episode where they first play. The back and forth between them all was hilarious, and Clive is such a dork, I can really see him getting into making themed foods and drinks. Or something with the fallout of people being dosed with the zombie virus, or Ravi finding a cure. Basically anything, shippy or gen, just with the humour and dynamic of the show!

Justified (Boyd, Raylan, Ava)
I'm a Raylan/Boyd shipper primarily, but I do think that Raylan/Boyd/Ava would have actually worked really well. I'd love to see an AU where Raylan never got out of Harlan and he and Boyd become lovers fairly young and go into their fathers' business together. Or perhaps one where Boyd got out and went to college instead of the military, became an academic or something, but still with an edge to him, because I can't imagine Boyd without a bit of a dark side. And they run into each other again in college or sometime after, and Raylan doesn't know what to make of this different Boyd.
Or something in canon that takes an AU off the earlier seasons with an OT3 that avoids a lot of the shit that goes down later on, with Raylan trying to steer Boyd and Ava away from their criminal inclinations, with varying levels of success.
In any of the above smut is very, very welcome :D

Doctrines of Labyrinths (Mildmay, Felix)
Felix/Mildmay. The dynamic between these two is so fucked up, but I really just want to see them get some sort of a happy ending together. Mildmay is my baby, and I feel so bad for this kid, and Felix is an utter dick, but I think the connection they have with one another is really lovely and interesting, and I'd like to see it explored. In a sexy, smutty way, if you are so inclined. I'm cool with AUs of basically any stripe.

Jeeves (Jeeves, Bertie)
I'm a Jeeves/Bertie shipper, and I love their dynamic. Basically anything in the tone of the books or television series with a shippy undertone (or overtone, if you're up to it) would be delightful. Again, I've only included Bertie and Jeeves as the characters, but feel free to include any or all of the extended gang of colourful characters, from the Aunts to the Drones Club to the ladies and their families. I'm happy for smut if you're inclined, though it can be difficult to achieve in the tone and voice of the series, I know.
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First off, thanks for writing for me! I haven't had the best luck with authors in the past--in fact they've pretty much always dropped out last minute and left me to the pinch-hitters, so, if there's something here that's just not working for you, please try to let me know and I can try to give you alternate ideas that might not be as daunting!

So, in general I prefer mature/explicit ratings. I'm fine with angst as long as it has a happy ending, and I enjoy fluff, but it has to be realistic to the characters and tone of the original canon. I hate cheating in any form and I really don't want to see the characters of my pairing engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with anyone outside the pairing (negotiated polyamory is a different story). Characterisation is probably the single most important aspect to me out of everything. I love world-building and all kinds of ridiculous tropes like fake dating, or not realising they're basically a couple until someone comments on it, bed-sharing leading to sex, enemies to lovers, and so on. As far as kinky stuff goes, I'm down for almost anything that's not spanking or non-canon typical violence. Biting and scratching in the heat of passion, sure. Also love when characters are so desperate for each other they can barely get to the actual sex before they're coming, lots of pawing at each other and rubbing and humping, but I do like penetrative sex above other types (which isn't to say I'm not down to see other forms, but I'd like penetrative included as well, if that's the case, if at all possible--except when otherwise mentioned below.) I like come-marking and coming inside, messy sex, realistic sex, laughing during sex, rough sex (but more out of desperation than intention or desire to hurt one another, unless otherwise mentioned below).
DO NOT WANT and BDSM or any D/s stuff at ALL.

Hysteria (2011) Charlotte Dalrymple/Mortimer Granville -- I thought this movie was just adorable and the chemistry between these two was crackling, but considering the topic of the movie, we got an incredibly chaste ending. I'd DIE to see some sexy times between these two. Charlotte leading Mortimer in bed, teaching him how to please a woman OR Mortimer "researching" with Victorian pornography gifted to him by Lord Edmund, blushing like a madman but learning how to please Charlotte, and surprising the hell out of her (in a good way) when they go to bed together. Happy, non-complicated, sexy as hell fluffy smut is what I'm looking for with this pairing!

Live Free or Die Hard (2007) John McClane/Matt Farrell -- I love this pairing so much, I've tried my hand at a it a few times myself. They had such a great chemistry with one another in the film, and I love the idea of someone who's been through hell with McClane sticking with him afterwards. The two of them recovering together, John being continuously surprised that Matt keeps hanging around no matter what he says or does. And John coming to terms with his attraction to Matt and what it means for him, as such a conservative, redblooded man's man, but I like the idea of him not really having a freakout over it--I mean, he's John McClane, he's faced death how many times?? Is he really going to breakdown over his sexuality? Love teasing Matt and straight-faced but secretly infatuated John. Meeting the family is also a fun possibility, and if you're looking for more of a plot, something where the two of them end up working together, Matt doing computer stuff for the PD or FBI or something, or maybe just as his roommate (where Matt just never went home afterwards) and the two of them ending up in another ridiculous life and death situation and finally reveal their feelings/attraction.

Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout - Nero, Archie, Saul, Fritz -- I put all the characters for flexibility on my part, but I don't need them all included, I'm also happy with any others you might wish to include in the background. I've got Fritz on there because he's got such a fun dynamic with Nero et al, but I don't ship him with anyone. Feel free to take it or leave it and use him as the situation requires-or not at all! As for the others, I'd love either Nero/Archie or Archie/Saul. I'm a Nero/Archie OTP girl--anything with the two of them snarking at each other, and Archie pushing all of Nero's buttons would be great. I don't NEED smut, but I'd like it, with Nero being so insecure in every aspect, and Archie just blithely pushing forward, loving how flustered Nero gets over having his space invaded, being touched, having his belongings moved around, his routine mixed up, etc. Just, over all, the deep love and trust between them that remains unspoken but implicit. With these two, given Nero's issues, if you're writing first time smut between these two, I doubt penetrative sex would happen. Alternately, I'd be down for some pure Archie/Saul smut. These are two good looking, smart ass guys both constantly vying for Nero's approval and trying to one up each other. That could be a fun aspect to explore in a sexy way!

The Pretender Jarod/Miss Parker -- One of my old school OTPs and I just can't get enough of these two. We really got left high and dry with these two, so anything that could finally give them both a happy ending, safe and separate from wreckage and ruin of The Centre. Miss Parker is so wounded, but really desperate for Jarod to give her a reason she can hang on to to drag her away from that life. She's really wavering thanks to what she's learned of her mother. And Jarod, searching in her for the sign of the girl that he loved, knowing the good and really longing to be with her, but unwilling to give up his search for truth and making up for all the things he's done. How could these two end up with their Happily Ever After? I'm happy to see how it happens, or the aftermath, with their domestic life after--mostly happy, but both still dealing with the past that haunts them. Maybe starting a family or finding one. Fluff (and smut) are great, but I imagine there'd still be a bit of underlying angst involved. I also think that canonically Miss Parker is rough in bed and Jarod is likely down for anything, so a bit more violence and pleasure from inflicting/receiving pain is okay, but still not BDSM levels.

Feel free to ask any questions as an anon below and I'll respond when I see them! You can also send anon asks on tumblr, where I'm more likely to read/respond in a timely manner. !
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Sticky Post...
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So, I suck at remembering birthdays, but LJ helps out a lot. So, for all my flisters here, I like to write birthday drabbles. Unfortunately, by the time LJ notifies me, I don't have a lot of time to write them/get them ready to post. So. If you're on my flist, please respond to this post with what fandom/pairing/any addition prompt you'd like when it comes time for your birthday, and then I can be prepared!
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For all fics, not a fan of BDSM, non-con, violence outside of what might be expected in canon. No cheating, no major character death.
Yes to fluff, smut, world building, character development, AUs

Pushing Daisies - I would really, really love some Ned/Chuck/Olive like burning, omg. Kinky fun with Olive acting as a sexual conduit for Ned and Chuck, or just fluff of them all being adorable and cuddly with one another. I just adore Olive, so if they are together, I want them to actually want and care for her as well, not just using her--that's just the awesome side benefit of a threesome where two people can't touch one another!
Alternately, if that's not your thing, Ned/Chuck is cool, too, with them figuring out how to get around the no touching deal.
In general I love the kookiness of the show, and basically EVERY character, so feel free to include whoever, outside of the shippiness. Further explanation of the rules of Ned's power is cool, too!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Phryne/Jack, please! Basically anything at all with these two in a romantic relationship with make me happy. I love first time, but established relationship is great, too. I am not fond of the way the show sometimes tries to force dramatic sexual tension by making Jack jealous and rude to Phryne over her sexual history. I really enjoy the dynamic of mutual respect and trust they have, and how well they work together. I'd also love something sexy and smutty, though not necessary. I think of them as equally sexually aggressive, but given their trust for one another, willing to hand over the reins, so to speak.
Some things I'd love to see: the two of them working a case and having to be pretend married. Stuck somewhere together, whether tied up or otherwise restrained by the bad guys, or just far away from civilization because a car broke down, or what have you. Maybe bumping into each other somewhere off the clock. Or going on an official date.
I haven't read any of the books yet, so show only, please!

Doctrines of the Labyrinths - Felix/Mildmay. The dynamic between these two is so fucked up, but I really just want to see them get some sort of a happy ending together. Mildmay is my baby, and I feel so bad for this kid, and Felix is an utter dick, but I think the connection they have with one another is really lovely and interesting, and I'd like to see it explored. In a sexy way. I'm cool with AUs of basically any stripe.
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Thanks to Hannibal fandom, I've finally given in to the horrifying new world that is tumblr. I resisted for so long, but if I want to be involved, I know I have little choice. I've written a few things for that fandom--a couple short fics, and one long fic that's nearly finished (and OMG, IDEK what to do with myself, it's sort of incredibly popular, like on the first page of AO3 Hannigram by kudos and comments, wtf is this??!?)
Anyway, if any of you are on tumblr and into Hannibal (or any of my other random fandoms) please look me up. It would be great to see some familiar faces over there! Same name as here:
Hope to see some of you!
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Hey all, I recently joined Jamberry Nails (it's a direct sales company like Avon, 31, Mary Kay, etc, except pretty new and small ie 35,000 consultants vs. 3.5-5 million in Avon et al)

Anyway, I'm loving it because the wraps are adorable and pretty cheap. If you love doing your nails but want something fast, easy and lasting (a Jamberry manicure lasts up to 2 weeks, a pedicure 4+ weeks, all without chipping or peeling), please feel free to check out my website, or ask me about hostessing an online party (we do them on Facebook and all you have to do is invite your friends and I do the rest) so you can earn free products. August is a pretty cool time to host a party, buy, or think about joining, so please let me know. I joined in July and have already 4x my start-up cost, plus I get the stuff for free :D

Here's my site, where you can get more info, or just message me if it sounds like something you'd be interested in:

And if you'd like a sample, message me with your address!

To give you an idea, here's my current mani/pedi (the pedi was for Pride--yep, these have lasted since JUNE, the mani was for going to see Panic!):
 photo candytoes_zpsffc0c3af.jpg
 photo sheetmusic_zps0da732b2.jpg
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Title: Maestro Who
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon pre-slash
Rating: PG (for language)
Word Count: 19000
Summary: Maestro takes Spencer to the Entertainment System of the 5th Great and Bountiful Human Empire, but not everything there is as it should be, and an illness is spreading among the wealthy inhabitants surrounding the dance planet of Terpsichoran. In which there are even more costume changes, and we delve a bit more into Maestro's history.
Author's Note: This is a Doctor Who fusion, but at this point there are no DW characters. Little to no knowledge of the Doctor Who universe necessary.

Beta needed

Jul. 7th, 2014 01:44 pm
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Now that I'm writing again, I need a beta reader again. My wife usually does it for me, but with a toddler demanding our attention, the opportunities are few and far between. I've got about 32k of Brencer fic that I need Beta'd, as the second "episode" in the series I'm working on, following The Maestro and Mister Smith. Please let me know if you're interested. I know not a lot of people hang around here very much anymore, but it's worth a try!
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If anyone's even still reading this, I wrote a thing! I was having so much writer's block over my victorian era fic because I really wanted to be writing this. So I just got it out of my head so I can focus on the other.

Title: The Maestro and Mister Smith
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon pre-slash
Rating: PG (for language)
Summary: There are so many versions of how Spencer and Brendon met, but only one of them gets it right. In which there are insect aliens and antique ticket booths, and all the costume changes in the universe.
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Has anyone else seen this bullshit?

Look, I've definitely hoped for the day when My Chem or Panic! might follow in the footsteps of Green Day and make a musical, but I cannot *believe* the utter gall of these assholes who've decided to take it upon themselves to use their songs and try to get it on broadway without the involvement or even the permission of the band in question. It's disgusting, and I hope they get their pants sued off them.


Dec. 19th, 2013 08:12 pm
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This is the first year I've actually managed to remember to sign up before signups were closed, which is super exciting. I've finished the fic for my recipient, and now I'm considering some treats, because the fandom was SO MUCH FUN, though I never would have thought of writing it on my own. I'm fretting a bit, however, because my recipient didn't give me a lot of details--smut was requested, but even after asking some very specific questions about what she wanted to see re top/bottom/switching, kinks, romantic/just physical, etc, her answers didn't help clear things up. So I like what I wrote, and I just hope she does, too.

Anyone else playing? How does this treat thing work? I feel like I should try to do stuff in fandoms where no one offered to write, but I'm having so much fun with the fandom I ended up writing. Hmm.
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These pieces have spoilers for the fic, so I suggest you check it out here, and check out the challenge, at the comm [ profile] polybigbang

Three pieces, behind the cut )
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Holiday time again! Last year we were so overwhelmed by a baby who refused to sleep, exclusive pumping, and depression that sort of left me unable to feed myself, let alone put up a tree. This year is much, much better. We had Mr. E's photoshoot the day he turned 16 months. Still waiting on the cd to make the cards to send, but these are some of my favourite shots:

 photo bigsmile_zpsed9fd2d0.jpg

6 more under the cut )

If you want a card, be sure to let me know. Hopefully I'll get them out BEFORE the 24th this year. But, as we aren't really celebrating Christmas, so much as the season, who knows!

Meanwhile, I've been writing and creating more. I haven't been posting my fic updates here, but they are over at AO3. Also did art for a polybigbang. A little disappointing to not get a single comment--I know the art is for the author, but geez, it would be nice to feel as though it was appreciated. I had fun with the art, but I think from now on I'll stick to writing fic. Speaking of, I have some wacky fun stuff to write for Yule, not that I imagine anyone on my flist is at all familiar with the fandom. But I guess you never know!

How is everyone?
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Of course the Spock/Kirk/Uhura summary at [ profile] polybigbang is the one that caught my eye.
This story was a lot of fun to do art for. I almost felt guilty, because I feel like it deserved better art than I was able to give. Ideally, I would have loved to illustrate several scenes, but this is one the author, copperplate suggested, and once she did, I had to agree that it was perfect. I decided to do the final scene in the form of a comic strip. I included 3 copies of the final piece. It's mixed media, and the scan didn't really show the fabric of the other planet, or the glitter in the sky. I ended up taking a few photos of it, which I think do a bit better job of showing all the detail.

Check out the fic on AO3 here

The art is behind the cut )
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So I've never done one of these letters before, hopefully I cover everything, and do it right. First off, thanks so much for apparently being interested in the same weird, random stuff that I am. I know these fandoms are all over the places :/ In general, whatever you choose to do, I like the angsty, hot, slow burn. I also love long, plotty stuff, though obviously with a challenge like this, I'll be happy with whatever. And while obviously I have no say in what you'll write, what your comfort level is, I like porn. If you are willing and able to write that, please, please feel free :D But if that isn't your scene, I'll be pleased with whatever rating you do feel comfortable writing.

Dear Most Amazing Yuletide Author Person )
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No one in my real world is really into Panic!, so I figured I'd come over here to see people's reactions to the full album, only there's nothing about it. Such a bummer. I still think of bandom as my main fandom, but it sort of doesn't exist now :/
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is anyone else wondering if we're about to see a string of Panic! videos much in the same vein as FOB are doing with Save Rock n Roll?
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Gotta post later with more details, but life has been crazy. Previous owners half-assed a lot of things in this house, so we're running around trying to fix things before they get to the point of disaster. This is why my fic has been delayed. I have the next chapter finished but still need to beta it and make sure I'm happy with the scene with Greta, but I have no clue when that will happen as the next couple weeks will be dominated by lots of hard work building decks, replacing flooring, and gardening...not to mention dealing with a very clingy baby.

Meanwhile, the FOB show was...I'd like to say it was awesome, but dude, having never been to a FOB show in America, I guess I didn't realise how douchey their fans were. We waited in line for 12 hours, were easily within the first hundred people, and somehow managed to end up about 9 rows back. We worked our way forward and when we got near the barricade found out that most of the people who were ahead of us had literally arrived when the doors opened and were let in from the back of the line--not because they knew anyone, but because the event staff decided it was okay to do this immediately to expedite the entry process. It was really disappointing, especially as they stood there gloating about it. Some of the others at the barricade got in because they were friends with people who worked at the venue or shit like that. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but several of them mentioned that "yeah, they liked some of FOB's stuff." Seriously? You know the singles, and you know someone who works here, and you're such a giant douche that you'll ditch in front of the people who have been waiting in the baking hot sun all day to get to the front where you, I SHIT YOU NOT, texted friends for about the first 20 minutes of the FOB set. I was intentionally hurt by several guys who were way taller and way bigger than me in an effort to do what, I don't know, since they were already in my row, so it wasn't like getting in front of me would get them any closer, what the actual fuck??

Still, I met some awesome people in line, a group of 16-18 year olds who thought I was 22 (bless them) and who are in their own band (they played me a couple songs and I actually enjoyed it, though they've got a ways to go). They were fun and awesome. We played card games and made up our own rules, sang along to all of the fall out boy catalogue on their phone and my kindle, shared donuts, etc. Afterwards, I got to meet Pete, Patrick, and Joe and got their autographs on my ticket and the new shirt I'd purchased, and got a picture with Patrick. Pete was so friendly, it was a shock. I've met him twice before and he was sort of closed off, surly, or sad-seeming, but he was so cheerful and kind and earnestly happy to be talking to and signing for fans, and taking selfies with their cameras. That boy. And Patrick, oh. All of that I said about Pete, to the 10th. Joe, on the other hand, while not unkind, seemed like he was so high he'd gotten lost on the way to the bus and somehow ended up signing things? Maybe? He hopes it was nothing legally binding. Oh, that boy.


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