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Title: Not Your Keeper 9/?
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer (Ryan/Spencer, Spencer/Greta, Gabe/William, some others)
Rating: NC-17
WC: ~6400 (this part, 58k so far)
Summary: Victorian AU. Spencer's parents have recently passed away, leaving him to care for his siblings and tend the family orchard. Brendon is the mysterious stranger who answers the ad for a farm hand.

I'm entering the home stretch here. If you're following this as I post, I'm sure you've noticed the time between chapters has been getting longer and longer. RL and other WIPs have been demanding my time. So this chapter is a bit longer to hold you over. There's one more chapter that's already been written, just needs beta'd, then a couple more that only have vague outlines. I think we're looking at 11-12 chapters, and they should all be up within a month, I hope. It keeps getting longer, which is why I have to keep pushing back my estimate of how long it'll take.

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Title: Not Your Keeper 3/?
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer (Ryan/Spencer, Spencer/Greta, Gabe/William, some others)
Rating: PG (eventually NC-17)
WC: ~6k (this part)
Summary: Victorian AU. Spencer's parents have recently passed away, leaving him to care for his siblings and tend the family orchard. Brendon is the mysterious stranger who answers the ad for a farm hand.

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Title: Not Your Keeper 2/?
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer (Ryan/Spencer, Spencer/Greta, Gabe/William, some others)
Rating: G (eventually NC-17)
WC: ~5500 (this part)
Summary: Victorian AU. Spencer's parents have recently passed away, leaving him to care for his siblings and tend the family orchard. Brendon is the mysterious stranger who answers the ad for a farm hand.

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I was surprised that no one posted this yesterday (or at least no one on my flist, and neither of the PATD comms I follow, so, sorry if you've already seen it). I thought I'd share it here because I was confused to notice that Mercenary is only available on the album, so you can't purchase just the song. It is the only song like that, on the entire album, and IDK what to make of that. Is it some sort of distribution issue? Do they have an agreement w/whoever made the OST that it would only be available as part of the ST as a whole? There's a monologue in the middle that I think is probably Dr. Strange talking from a scene in the game, which might have something to do with it. Whatever, no big deal, because I want the whole album, anyway, I'm just impatient for the Panic! But for those of you who don't want to buy a whole cd just for the one Panic! song (and potentially The Damned Things), here ya go!

Mercenary (P!ATD):
Trophy Widow (TDT):

It's fun, and I'm always down for new Panic!, but probably not one of my favourites, thanks in large part to the speaking bit in there, and a lot lot lot of repetition of the chorus. I like more lyrics in my songs, boys. I'm looking at you, Let's Kill Tonight.
If anyone's interested in the full album, let me know. I can prob. put it up for a day or two.
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Title: Blue Plate Special
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon/Dallon
Rating: NC-17
Kinks: bondage (wrists/ankles), smacking/slapping, held down, double penetration (anal/oral)
WC: 5k~
Summary: “Seriously,” Dallon says, hotly, to Spencer though he's got his eyes fixed on Brendon's. “Don't you ever want to just tie him down and gag him?”
AN: I blame [ profile] okubyo_kitsune for this one. It was meant to be just one kink, but ended up being a postage stamp and it's ALL HER FAULT for encouraging me D: JSYK, this takes place in a reality adjacent au which is pretty much exactly like rl except Dallon's not married. It isn't that I have a problem with Breezy (seriously might be my favourite bandwife), and I plan on writing fics with her in them, but I just didn't want that particular complication for this fic.

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ETA: Here's my kb card if you have an prompts/requests/suggestions!
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So how about the retrograde narrative in between the Panic! vids. I guess Ready to Go is the prequel to The Overture? I'm confused and delighted by it. I was pretty sure after watching it the first time that Brendon was wearing the same outfit at the end of Ready to Go that he is in The Overture, and I was positive about the bar that he walks into in RtG being the same that he walks out of in The Overture, but I double-checked, and sure enough. They were obvs. in the same town during the umbrella dance scene.

So, yeah. I am even more intrigued by where they're going with this story now, and I WANT TO WRITE IT SO BAD.

I mean, what's going on? I mostly see it as Brendon gearing up to leave, like maybe he's having a dream of the potential worlds outside of theirs and that's the impetus for him wanting to leave? Or they've already made the decision to leave and this is him gearing up for it. The only thing that makes me wonder is that in the beginning of RtG they seem like normal, rl Brendon and Spencer.

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Title: The Prince and Me
Author: Moku-youbi
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Rating: R (for one paragraph of sexytimes)
WC: 6,269
Summary: Modern Day Royalty in which there is (supposedly) some prince coming to Spencer's university, only no one ever seems to meet him, and Spencer's too busy focusing on that weird kid in his music history class, anyway.
AN: Okay, this is probably the silliest thing I've ever written, IDEK. It started out as comment fic I was posting elsewhere. I fail at comment fic. Anyway, I apologise ahead of time for the fact that none of this makes any sense.
Thanks to [ profile] okubyo_kitsune and [ profile] inteligrrl for trying to assure me this doesn't suck. Despite their input, this remains unbetaed.

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Title: Plus One
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Panic!GSF/Frank
Rating: Hard R?
WC: 3900~
Summary: Frank can't stop thinking about his band, and their shoulders, and it's affecting his sleep.
AN: AU of my elf!Frank and elf!Brendon AU, lol. Takes places parallel to the yet to be posted Frank/Gerard sequel to Standing Right Outside Your Door. To be absolutely clear, that fic will only be Frank/Gerard, and this one (which there will probably be more of later) is ONLY Panic!GSF+Frank. This one will probably make more sense when I post the Frank/Gerard story, but, uh. I just wanted to write some porn, okay? There will be more, actual, pornier porn later...
Also, I wrote this in a couple hours this morning and it is unbetaed. Sorry for any mistakes :D
I'll probably repost this as a whole after posting the Frank/Gee fic.

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Title: I Constantly Thank God for Dupin
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Rating: PG
WC: ~11,000
Summary: A Brencer retelling (sort of) of Cinderella, written as an extremely late birthday present for [ profile] xbeax. Sorry it took so long; I hope you enjoy it bb!

Thanks to [ profile] inteligrrl for a lovely beta and giving me a title. Porny sequel is almost finished and will be posted in a day or two.

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1. Okay, so the first sort of comes from the MCR trailer and the lyrics of the first single +the Twitters and shit, so this might get a little rambling. This could be Frank/Gee and Ray/Mikey, or GSF, or Ray/Gee and Frank/Mikey (in the order from that which I'd most prefer, to least, but really I'd be happy with anything).

lyric interpretation! )

Okay, so to get to the fic idea, which I really *want* to write, but just don't have the time for. This isn't completely developed yet, either, so sorry.
When everything started, it seemed as though News A Go Go and Cherri Cola were very clearly on one side, with Dr. Death-Defying on the other, and Tommy Chow Mein running around like a crazy person in the desert. Except then Party Poison showed up on the scene, clearly friendly with both Dr. Death-Defying and Cherri, which confuses things a lot (plus the fact that if News a Go Go isn't Ray, then Ray doesn't have a part, and I don't think that can be true)

So...Ray and Frank are working for the...big bad/the evil corporation that has taken over the world/whatever passes as a government in this world, and Frank's out there hunting down Dr. Death-Defying and his followers (which would at least mean Party Poison/Gee, since video of Gerard in his animal costume were posted by News a Go Go/Ray for his Agent's to pursue). I'm thinking that Tommy/Mikey manages to walk a fine line between the two, in that he's on DDD/Gee's side, but he's not done anything overt to get him on the radar of the bad guys, since News a Go Go speaks about Tommy in a non-antagonistic, if derisive sort of way.

At some point, things between Cherri and News a Go Go get tense, when News a Go Go chastises her for not being very lady-like, and Cherri responds with a FUCK YOUR WORLD. Also, Cherri goes from threatening Gerard here: "Feelin' juicy. Gonna go all polka dottie on @partypoison" to giving him a friendly warning: "I fast-fwd'd zone 3. Bringing it back in a few clips covered in blitz and razz. Keep an ear to the ground" to which Gerard responds "@AgentCherriCola Give me the high-sign, motherbox." Cherri also tweeted: "@drdeathdefying turn up the disease. we're dialed in." suggesting that she's officially switched sides and is listening to his broadcast/orders rather than those of News a Go Go. The Dr's response of "Hey, @AgentCherriCola, thanks for finally giving back my RFYLCB tape. All is forgiven" is interesting in that it indicates that maybe Cherri was on the side of the good guys once before, or at least knew them in some capacity other than as hunter/hunted.

Anyway, given this switch in allegiance and taking into consideration the content of the lyrics, I want a fic where Gerard shows up at one of the bad guys' strong holds, in his ridiculous mask with his ridiculous hair, with his gas can to burn that shit to the ground, and Frank sees him and doesn't immediately make the connection that this is Party Poison (who he's only seen in the animal head) and is all star-eyed "Who *is* that dashing man in the mask?" and Gerard makes some huge soap-boxy speech about the establishment and fighting corruption, and ya know, is sort of fucking crazy with his jazz hands and shit, and Frank is so fucking won over by it. So then he has to hunt down Dr. Death-Defying's hide-out and convince Gerard that he's for real and wants to join him. Gerard's all ready to get rid of him, but Dr. Death-Defying gives him a chance to prove himself, so Frank goes back and that's when he starts playing double agent, passing info along to Gee and DDD.

This is where it gets vague, because at some point they have to win over News a Go Go/Ray, as well. His anarchistic tweets about grammar, society, and ray guns definitely suggest that the switch in sides was made, but there's no indication as to *why*. Maybe he was never honestly loyal to the bad guys, but didn't see any alternative, and once Frank tells him about Gee/DDD, Ray is totally in.

Anyway, they all eventually get together and Gee wrangles Mikey, (and I guess DJ Hot Chimp, who I'm gonna say is Ladyboy), and then they become superheros, the end.

2. Brendon is the antichrist. Wacky hijinks ensue. It's actually sort of horribly angsty in the beginning, because his family thinks he's evil, but they're too afraid of him to really do anything about it, because he makes weird shit happen. And he's alone and lonely, and even though the demons have misplaced them, it isn't likely to be a problem because once they find him it will be so easy to use that loneliness to manipulate him and turn him dark, and have them do their bidding and all. And then it's sort of a merging of Good Omens and Supernatural, where, as in the latter, Brendon is made aware of his nature (up until then he thought he was weird, or cursed, but didn't realise he was the fucking ANTICHRIST) and he flips out and runs away from home, and then like in the former he meets this really awesome group of friends who balance him out and keep him grounded and make him feel normal for the first time in his life and are so totally unfazed, dismissive of his powers that Brendon starts to view his powers as something that are just a part of him, rather than something he should hate or fear, and as such he's better able to control them. And that's pretty much it. Like, there's no huge confrontation or anything. Just Brendon finding his place, despite what his nature or his destiny says that place should be. Also, gen would be fine, though of course I'd be happy with Brencer, OT3, or GSF, and the only friends I really *need* to be included are Spencer, Shane, Pete, Bill, and Gabe.
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Title: Savoir Rare
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan, Brendon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Picking up the pieces. Sequel to the amnesiac!Ryan fic The First Time Around
AN: For [ profile] postingwhore’s request for the winning bid at Help Pakistan.
I’m pretty sure this is it, for this ‘verse. Thanks to [ profile] intricate_life for looking over this for me.

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Title: Courtship for Dummies Vampires
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan/Brendon
Rating: NC-17
Kink: bloodplay
Warning: underage drinking and sex (Brendon is 16)
WC: 5700
Summary: True Blood AU in which Brendon is oblivious, Spencer is stupid, and Ryan is impatient. And there is lots of biting, and sex. Sort of one of those “five times” fics, except I apparently can’t write that many, because it would have turned into about a billionty words.
AN: This is actually part of a much more epic fic that I plan on writing some day, and this is set sort of right in the middle of that fic. It’s pretty self-contained and should make sense on its own, but there are references to actions or characters that have much more importance in the greater scheme of things. All you really need to know is that Brendon has still be kicked out of home and is living alone, and Ryan and Spencer are the Kings of Nevada.

For those uninitiated in True Blood: the US is split into four clans, each of which is split into sections ruled by Kings or Queens. The King and Queen have a human and vampire court. The role of King or Queen is given to the oldest vampire in the area. V is the street name for vampire blood, which is an illicit drug among humans.

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Dear [ profile] xbeax, I am so freaking sorry that writer's block has made your birthday present far later that it should ever, ever be, but I wanted you to know that I *am* working on just sort of happens in fits and starts. Anyway, have a snippet!

He shook himself from his self-pity and almost jumped when he saw a man standing at the open side of his stall, staring at him in a most unnerving way. Brendon swiped at his cheeks and stood up straighter. “Can I help you?” he asked, and was proud of how normal his voice came out.

“I think,” the man said, leaning closer, “it is I who can help you.”

Brendon fought the urge to take a wary step back. The man was very nicely dressed, with a jewelled broach at the ruffled cravat on his throat and a silver trimmed tricorne tucked under one arm. The buckles on his shoes still shone even in the dust and muck of the market streets. And yet, it would be getting dark soon, and there was something in the man’s glittering eyes and smiling lips that made Brendon uneasy. Still, he couldn’t really afford to pick and choose his customers.

“If you mean to purchase the rest of my stock, that would be very helpful indeed,” Brendon said gamely, with a winning smile. It was true that the trip was much easier, the lighter the burden.

The man’s smile didn’t waver, his eyes didn’t blink. Brendon resisted the urge to fidget. At length he said, “You know, there have been some fairly spectacularly shocking matches in the past—that little French mermaid wed a human, and Ashlee somehow made that Beauty and the Beast thing work for real, but no one’s ever got the prince to marry a miller’s son.”

Some inane part of Brendon’s brain wanted to correct, “Nephew,” but actually he couldn’t get his mouth to work much at all except to say, “Excuse me?”

“Oh, it’s alright,” the man said. “I have nothing against it personally, obviously.” Brendon, personally, thought there was nothing obvious about anything at the moment. “Anyway,” he continued, “you want to go to the ball, right?”

I think you can guess which of your prompts I picked :D
I'll try and finish it quickly!

ETA: Does anyone happen to have the new Eminem cd Recovery that they could give me? I'm going to buy it when it goes on sale at work, but I'm too poor right now to pay 17 bucks for a freakin' cd.
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Happy Birthday, unluckykitty!

Title: In the Conservatory with the Gun
Author: mokuyoubi
Pairing: pre Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG
Summary: Someone wants Spencer dead, but maybe hiring Brendon to do the job wasn't the best idea...
Notes: For [ profile] unluckykitty, on the occasion of her birth. It isn't exactly mobster!AU, sorry, but it's something that's been playing through my mind ever since seeing those Panic! pics Shane took. Hope you enjoy!

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I stumbled upon it through this twitter by this chick calling Brendon and Spencer liars and thieves and other such nonsense, and I am confused as all hell.

I'm trying to figure out how Ryan could have seen things differently. The very first post, written by him and Jon and put up on the official website on July 6th said VERY CLEARLY that Spencer and Brendon were remaining as Panic at the Disco and that all tour dates would go on as planned. In several of the MTV articles with Ryan throughout July of 2009, Brendon and Spencer are referred to, by the interviewer and Ryan as "New Panic!" Just one of the mentions: "He said that while he hasn't heard any of the new Panic! stuff, he wishes Urie and Smith well"

Supposing that Ryan hadn't known, and considering the antagonistic and less than friendly vibe of those interviews, why wouldn't he have brought it up then? I am really uncomfortably with the fact that he's bringing it up *now*. Because even if it is true, it comes off and petty and dishonest and I don't know how to deal with that.

I've been reminded, too, of how immature Ryan was about the whole thing, re-reading these articles. How he said he was avoiding talking to anyone at Decaydance and not answering Wentz's calls. It makes me think if he honestly didn't know bout Brendon and Spencer taking the name it WAS HIS OWN FAULT. There are a lot of questions about this sort of thing when a band splits, and if Ryan wasn't *talking* to people from the label, how could he expect to know about the decisions that were being made.

It's weird, because for the first time in a long time, I'm not angry toward Ryan. I guess I can believe that there was some miscommunication (in that he refused to communicate with Decaydance and Pete), but I feel that it is really inappropriate and immature for him to say this now.
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Title: First Showers and Foot Rubs
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Rating: PG
WC: ~2700
Summary: Spencer’s being overly nice. Brendon is suspicious. And an idiot. Pure fluff/established relationship.
AN: For [ profile] ashlein’s birthday request for curtain fic involving romantic gestures and stupid boys. I’m so bad at actually writing what people want. And meeting deadlines…
This is unbetaed and written in a hurry, sorry!

Happy Belated Birthday, Ashlein!

The Food of Love )
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Title: Fear of Flying
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Rating: NC-17
WC: 30,066
Summary: Spencer Smith, part-owner and celebrated head chef of noted restaurant Panic! At The Disco, is talented, rich, and gorgeous. The rest of the staff can't even seem to remember that Brendon works there.
“You’re really good at that,” Jon observed.
“Good at what?” Brendon asked, swirling his spoon in his dish. The ice cream was a melted mess by now.
“Finding excuses not to come to the party even when you’re invited, not letting Spencer get to know you even when he asks you a direct question about yourself,” Jon said casually.
Brendon dropped his spoon and glared across the table. “What are you trying to say?”
“I’m saying that you don’t
want anyone getting any closer to you,” Jon said. “How long were you with your last boyfriend?”
Author’s note: Written for my [ profile] help_haiti winner [ profile] saba1789’s request for an AU with cook!Spencer working at or maybe even owning a restaurant + waiter!Brendon, on whom Spencer has a (seemingly) unrequited crush. There could be enforced having to spend time with each other and some pining and then a happy end.
This is kind of that fic… I hope you like it, babe.
Love and thanks to my terrific betas [ profile] randomepiphany and [ profile] okubyo_kitsune for being so patient with me, and to [ profile] reni_days for cheerleading and making me smile, even though she was miserable. <3
Please see end of fic for extended notes/disclaimers :D
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Fear of Flying 3/4 )


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