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I stumbled upon it through this twitter by this chick calling Brendon and Spencer liars and thieves and other such nonsense, and I am confused as all hell.

I'm trying to figure out how Ryan could have seen things differently. The very first post, written by him and Jon and put up on the official website on July 6th said VERY CLEARLY that Spencer and Brendon were remaining as Panic at the Disco and that all tour dates would go on as planned. In several of the MTV articles with Ryan throughout July of 2009, Brendon and Spencer are referred to, by the interviewer and Ryan as "New Panic!" Just one of the mentions: "He said that while he hasn't heard any of the new Panic! stuff, he wishes Urie and Smith well"

Supposing that Ryan hadn't known, and considering the antagonistic and less than friendly vibe of those interviews, why wouldn't he have brought it up then? I am really uncomfortably with the fact that he's bringing it up *now*. Because even if it is true, it comes off and petty and dishonest and I don't know how to deal with that.

I've been reminded, too, of how immature Ryan was about the whole thing, re-reading these articles. How he said he was avoiding talking to anyone at Decaydance and not answering Wentz's calls. It makes me think if he honestly didn't know bout Brendon and Spencer taking the name it WAS HIS OWN FAULT. There are a lot of questions about this sort of thing when a band splits, and if Ryan wasn't *talking* to people from the label, how could he expect to know about the decisions that were being made.

It's weird, because for the first time in a long time, I'm not angry toward Ryan. I guess I can believe that there was some miscommunication (in that he refused to communicate with Decaydance and Pete), but I feel that it is really inappropriate and immature for him to say this now.
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So, I'm a couple days late, but I was totally trashed that night, and then recovering from that yesterday, plus it took a million years for the videos to upload, so whatever.

The venue, The Basement, is really tiny, and we were one of the first 20 people in, and made a beeline for the bar. We made quick friends with the bartenders who kept bringing us really strong, awesome drinks even when we didn't ask for them, and eventually stopped charging us. Plus, even though the bar was bit further back, we were still really freakin' close, and they let us sit on the bartop which gave us a perfect view over everyone's heads. Altogether there can't have been more than 150 people there, which made me kinda sad when Ryan said it was "packed."

The opening act, Look Afraid, is a local band and I absolutely loved every single song they played. It felt very classic rock, and the singer had a really nice voice. They sounded polished and professional, plus they were super nice. I chatted a bit with their guitarist and singer later (I bought their cd, only $5! and they gave me a bunch of free buttons and stickers and shit). They were very chill, talking about music in general and the tour and when they'd be back locally, and I am so gonna go see them again.

Bad Rabbits was fucking awesome! Dude, I'd heard good things about them, so I had high expectations, and they were exceeded. They were fun and funny, really good entertainers on top of being talented musicians. Near the end of their set, I glanced to my right, and about three stools down from us was Jon Walker, just drinking a beer and I was like WTF? Cause I guess I still think of them as being their Panic level of famous, where they'd get mobbed. No one was bothering him or anything. So we get up to go the bathroom, and as we're walking, there's Ryan Ross, and okay. I just didn't know how to be that close to him. Which is funny, because, like, I've made out with famous people. But I was young then, and I still wasn't sure how I felt about him, and it was just weird. Plus he had a very nice waist. Yeah, I was sort of staring.

So then it was TYV, and okay, look. I'm still not crazy about Change, and The Other Girl made me want to get up on the stage and punch Ryan Ross in his stupid pretty face. However, I actually really liked Dangerous Blues, Take a Vacation, and both of Jon's songs, and live, Change was so much better than the recording. Also, they were just so obviously happy, you couldn't look away and it was infectious. There are a couple bands/singers who I only like when I listen to their live stuff, and I think that might be TYV for me.

They had these ridic stories, like Ryan's girl from Africa and Jon being pantsed by the Bad Rabbits, which are in the vids I took. If you can't understand them, let me know and I'll translate. The quality isn't horrible, but it isn't really great, either...
Vids and pics are Under the Cut )

So, after they got off stage, I went to the bathroom again and I come back to see all these people hanging around by my seat, and I'm all wtf, so I manage to make my way through and sit down and look to my left, where I see, less than a foot away, the cause of the crowd. Ryan's just chillin' where my shit is.

You guys, I was so fucking cool. I don't even know how it happened. After the crowd dispersed, he just hung out there for like twenty minutes. So the bartender brought us more drinks and I still wasn't finished with mine, so I was like, "Have a drink." and Ryan was all "Thanks. What is it?" Okay, when I'd asked the bartender the same thing, she said "fucking strong" so I said, "Fucking strong," and he takes a sip, his eyes go wide and he's like "wow, it really is. Thanks!" And starts double fisting with his other drink. So we just chatted for a bit. I told him that they looked like they were having fun, and that I'd enjoyed it, and he was just so *happy*. He was fucking beaming, you guys. I don't know. I always got this impression that he'd be stand-offish, or an aloof dickhead or something, but he was *so* fucking friendly and chill and talkative.

Then I went and hung out with the Look Afraid guys some more, except Ryan came over there, so we ended up talking a bit more. Honestly, I have no idea what we were talking about, I was pretty drunk at that point. Something about how the girls had seen the opening act when they arrived and how their van broke down and the dude was like "Yeah, now it works fine, I have no idea."

Jon was surrounded by a huge gaggle of girls at this point, but eventually we got pictures with him, and his autograph. When I went to get the autograph from the Look Alive guys, Ryan took and signed it with "xoxo" after his name, and then I literally ran into TYV guitar player, who is very nice and *cute*.

We had to leave about halfway through Foxxy, which was sad, because they were fun, but Muse was our DD and she had work the next morning and it was already a quarter til 11, so. *shrug*

Before I left, I told Ryan that I knew he was probably sick of hearing it, but I'd never had the chance before, so I wanted to thank him for writing fever and he just smiled so wide and was very gracious about it. Which just confuses me all the more about the whole split. But whatever. They're happy.

Also, in case you hadn't heard, they are writing their next album, and take a vacation comes out in June.


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