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for [ profile] ink_on_the_page's request on my drabble meme post. Sorry that it isn't exactly what you asked for. What can I say, I was inspired...

Title: First to Find Their Way Home
Author: mokuyoubi
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: G?
WC: 331
Summary: How Frank won the captaincy of Gerard's ship. Set in my Star Trek 'verse, (I'll Be) The Only Thing Between You and the Stars at Night.
AN: Please disregard the liberties I've taken with the game of Chula. It isn't that I don't think it would be amusing to see Mikey, Ray, and Bob being controlled by Gerard, but I *did* say that Frank cheated to win...

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I know, a day late and a dollar short. Sorry. Life has been crazy. This is the ficlet that my Muse wrote for you, when you made a request for a kitty drabble. I started one, too, and then it turned into an epic, so it will just have to wait. In the meantime, enjoy this one...Happy belated b-day!

Untitled Kitty Drabble
Author: Muse
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan (GSF)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,040
Summary: Part of the (I’ll Be)The Only Thing Between You And The Stars At Night universe. Quark is smuggling illegal Earth animals aboard the station…
For [ profile] doll_revolution, because she wanted a kitty drabble with Spencer and Ryan.
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Okay, so, I wrote this story so that it would be accessible to everyone in bandom, regardless of whether they’d never seen an episode of Star Trek, or they’d seen random episodes here and there, or they were die hard Trekkers. I think everything is pretty well explained throughout the fic without being too heavy on the exposition. But I thought you might like to see what the different alien species look like. Also, why this isn’t a crossover, there are cameo appearances by a few Star Trek characters, so I’ve included them, too.
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Title: (I’ll Be) The Only Thing Between You and the Stars at Night
Author: Moku-youbi
Bands: Panic(!) at the Disco, The Academy Is…, Cobra Starship, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy, with appearances by Gym Class Heroes, the Hush Sound and the Cab
Pairings: Panic GSF, with Gabe/William, Pete/Patrick, Alex/Victoria/Nate, Gerard/Frank and Mikey/Alicia, various others on the sidelines
Rating: overall NC-17
Summary: Pete likes to be the Admiral of the Fleet in his free time, the Cobra is after The Academy, the Helena is after the Cobra, and Brendon gets caught in the middle, leaving it up to Spencer, Jon and Ryan to come to his rescue. Oh yeah. Star Trek AU.
AN: Thanks to Jess (xmychemx), my wonderful beta, and my fiancé for saying Bandom Space Epic when I asked what I should write next...
Here is a primer, if you want to see what the different species look like, however, NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF STAR TREK NECESSARY.

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