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We played ultimate frisbee on the soccer field today after class. The sun kept us mostly warm; it was a really nice afternoon. I blow hard at throwing a frisbee with my right hand, but I'm okay with my left. I've got bruises and blood bruises all up my left arm and my shins from missed frisbees, though. Also, my legs feel wobbly.

I didn't get around to working on my nano much yesterday-maybe 500 words-so right now I'm stuck at about 23,000. I will be working on it lots tonight, though, to make up for the fact that I won't be around this weekend.
I think the problem with this fic is that it was supposed to be romance novel based. And at first I really *tried.* There were lots of steamy looks and misplaced anger and other ridiculous things like that. And then I was like "but, Jon wouldn't *act* like that" and "but Brendon's just a big softy." The moral of this story is that I blow at writing romance novel-style stuff. I'm going to have to work harder on the other ones I have planned. And just throw characterisation out the window, or something.
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Soz, I've got about 40 en to my name until tomorrow, which doesn't add up to much...or, like, anything. So I couldn't even by a soda from the vending machine. And the only liquid I have is Gin, Vodka, Cassis, Peach Schnapps and Soda water. So I've been having myself some homebrew tonight, oh yeah.
In spite of all of that, I've passed the 20000 word mark. That totally makes up for the fact that I won't have a computer at all this weekend, ne?
Have some more Spy!fic:
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Nov. 10th, 2008 02:13 am
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I should be studying kanji. Or, IDK, sleeping. Instead, I'm doing nano. Spy!fic is now past 15,000 words. W00t. Please enjoy this pr0n as part of the celebration:

Spencer/Ryan flavoured for your enjoyment )
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My new camera is the love of my life. This thing is ridiculous. It has, like, eight billionty modes with the best Engrish descriptions ever.

Portrait "the tone of the soft whole and the beautiful skin tone"
Sport "suitable for shoot of a moving object"
Night "the landscape of night and clear shot of illumination"
Baby "It's suitable for a baby for the natural skin tones without flashes"
Anti-stain(blur)"Camera shiver and a movement subject stain (blur) are reduced"
Natural light "The natural environment is possessed without flashes"
Beach "When shooting the beach it's crispy and a clear shot and a made thing are colored, and it's clearer"
Floral "Get a shot clearer than a floral one, so, it's effective"
Party "It's suitable to shoot an indoor event"
Art museum "A flash, sound and oneself, the timer lamp is off"
Snow "It's suitable to shoot a snowy situation"
Fireworks "A clear shot of fireworks with a slow shutter dashes"
Text "Get a shot clearer than the one of the letter, so, it's effective"
Sunset "To make the color clearer and shoot sunset"

Meanwhile, spyfic is at 11,880 words, and Ryan's just about to show up, *finally.* I hate writing without one of the boys around...
Anyway, this thing is going to be ridic, just be forewarned. I can't write historical fiction to save my life, so the language is going to be anachronistic. And I can't write spy fic to save my life, so in general, the story will be lame.
You've now been warned.

Also, people who don't like my music are stupid.
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Nov. 7th, 2008 12:01 am
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I could go on about how excited I am about the United States election results, but I think everyone on my flist beat me to it. Sufficed to say, I'm absolutely elated. I sat in the CIP watching CNN's live coverage, watched as more and more states turned blue, watched McCain's concession, watched Obama's acceptance and I was so moved. So torn up. It was amazing.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to kick Nanowrimo's ass. I've decided to switch back and forth between writing the Pirate fic and the Spy fic, so maybe at the end of November I'll have them both finished *crosses fingers* I'm currently at 8,514 words of Spy!fic and 2,212 words of Pirate!fic.

Some people have beta-ed for me, and some have expressed a willingness to help. I'm probably going to be sending emails to people in the next few days, but if anyone in particular would like to help me with one/both of these, please let me know.

In the meanwhile, enjoy Spy excerpt! In )
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It is November first, which means time to start nanowrimo. Usually I start without any idea of what I'm going to write before hand. But since school is so crazy right now, I'm going to give myself a break and work on one of my bandom stories.
So, if anyone is reading this, which would you like to see (potentially) finished by the end of November?
1. Time travelling Pirate Harlequin Adventure with Brendon/Ryan and Jon/Spencer. Not to mention dozens of side pairings...
2. OMGAngst!Harlequin with Ryan the widower and his two bebies living in Nassau with Jon the farm hand and Ryan's bff Spencer who is totally a proper lady, okay, a lady, and not having sex with *Jon*. And Brendon is the bastard song of Ryan's abusive dead wife. (B/R & J/S)
3. Jon and Brendon are British spies, Spencer is the famous French Spy the Fox Cub who everyone assumes is a woman and is nouveau riche and Ryan is his old money bff. And Jon and Bden are after the Fox Cub, and have no idea it is this dude they meet in a French prison. And it all ends in GSF.


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