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Title: How it Feels to Be Inside You
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Gerard/aag!Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Kink: Shaving/depilation
WC: 3900~
Summary: Gerard wants to really go all the way for his dress-like-a-girl experiment, and Mikey's more than happy to help him with the shaving part. Takes place in the same verse as Done Dirt Cheap.

This is for [ profile] okubyo_kitsune and is completely unbetaed. I'll probably fix that in a day or two, but I'm too busy now because Empires is TOMORROW!!!!

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Title: Done Dirt Cheap
Author: mokuyoubi
Pairing: Gerard/alwaysagirl!Mikey
Rating: NC-17
WC: ~1800
Warnings: incest (obviously)
Summary: PWP set pre-band; Gerard and Mikey have sex in the pit at a Prencey Prep show. That is all.
AN: I do not like always a girl. I never intended to write aag. I blame [ profile] okubyo_kitsune, who, when I asked for a Mikey/Gee prompt, reminded me that I mentioned this in a totally off-hand, I-will-never-write-this sort of way, weeks ago. Thanks, bb *eyeroll* This is unbetaed and unapologetic.

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Shitty quality, but BOYS!


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So, having learned my lesson from the Chicago show (which there will be a recap/pics/vids of later, but the Cleveland show as way, way better, so I'm doing it first :D), I decided to show up earlier for the Cleveland show. I got there around 8 am to find there were only about 20 people in line. It was confusing because there were two lines. The one out front was full of bitches. Like, seriously, horrible people who were seriously rude. I walked up and was like "wow, is this all there is?" all surprised because there were fewer than 10 people and they were like "you seriously think this is all there would be, you need to go get in the other line around back." And I thought they were joking at first, but they told me to leave, so I went around and found the second line at the side.

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By the end I was covered in sweat. It was ten times hotter and way more crushed than at the Chicago show, but at least they kept giving us water. Somehow my face paint stayed on, even through all that shit. One of the techs brought me a set list, but he let it go before I had a hold of it and the girls behind and next to me grabbed it like fucking bitches. I almost stabbed someone, wth? Like, I got one of Pedicone's drumsticks, but it had been meant for the girl two down from me, and I gave it to her right away. Some people are douchebags.

There will be a million pics of the boys and a few of mine and Muse's costumes tomorrow. I'll probably start on the Chicago vids tomorrow, too, but now I need some sleep before work! In the meantime, have one each of Frank, Mikey, and Gerard
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