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Um, I sort of realised I forgot to post this on my own journal. FAIL

Title: More Than You Could Ever Know
Author: Mokuyoubi
Band(s): Panic! At the Disco (The Young Veins), My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship
Pairings: Gerard/Frank, Panic! GSF, background Tom/William, Gabe/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 58k
Summary: Vague fantasy au/bandverse.  Frank's been saying he's saving himself for Gerard Way for years, and discovering that his new house/bandmate is actually friends with Gerard should make things easier.  But it's bad enough that Gerard remembers Frank as that one freakish, stalkery fan that followed them from venue to venue, not to mention the fact that it's hard to make any progress when everything that comes out of Frank's mouth makes him sound like a giant asshole.  Oh, and how Frank's trying to keep his stupid elf magic from outing himself and Brendon to a national audience.  Featuring Panic! as a fivepiece, My Chemical Romance (where Bob's still around) +Matt. 
Author's Notes: I cannot thank my beta-readers, [ profile] redandglenda and [ profile] roga for their unending support and extensive work they put in over months, correcting my many, many errors and helping me work through the rough spots. Also thanks to [ profile] reni_days for not complaining when I bombarded her with email after email, and cheering me up when I thought there was no point to keep writing. And finally [ profile] barmy_bunk: this is for you. Sorry it took so long <3

Other fics in this series:
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Before There Was a Name Ryan/Spencer 7k (first chronologically, second written)
Saturation Ryan/Spencer/Jon 38k (second chronologically, third written)

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Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Three AWESOME pieces by [ profile] amkave

All I Want For Christmas is You by [ profile] slashxyouxup
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Part Two )
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Part Four )
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Part Five )
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Part Seven )
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Part Eight )


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