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Title: How it Feels to Be Inside You
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Gerard/aag!Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Kink: Shaving/depilation
WC: 3900~
Summary: Gerard wants to really go all the way for his dress-like-a-girl experiment, and Mikey's more than happy to help him with the shaving part. Takes place in the same verse as Done Dirt Cheap.

This is for [ profile] okubyo_kitsune and is completely unbetaed. I'll probably fix that in a day or two, but I'm too busy now because Empires is TOMORROW!!!!

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Title: Blue Plate Special
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon/Dallon
Rating: NC-17
Kinks: bondage (wrists/ankles), smacking/slapping, held down, double penetration (anal/oral)
WC: 5k~
Summary: “Seriously,” Dallon says, hotly, to Spencer though he's got his eyes fixed on Brendon's. “Don't you ever want to just tie him down and gag him?”
AN: I blame [ profile] okubyo_kitsune for this one. It was meant to be just one kink, but ended up being a postage stamp and it's ALL HER FAULT for encouraging me D: JSYK, this takes place in a reality adjacent au which is pretty much exactly like rl except Dallon's not married. It isn't that I have a problem with Breezy (seriously might be my favourite bandwife), and I plan on writing fics with her in them, but I just didn't want that particular complication for this fic.

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ETA: Here's my kb card if you have an prompts/requests/suggestions!

Kink Time!

Jun. 12th, 2011 07:12 pm
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Here's my card:
kink bingo card image cardset5-452.jpg || row 1: | fisting / stretching | exposure | animal play | drugs / aphrodisiacs | possession / marking || row 2: | virginity / celibacy | pegging / strap-ons | bondage (other) | gangbang | shaving / depilation || row 3: | gender play | foot / shoe fetish | wildcard | vehicular | pictures || row 4: | oral fixation | authority figures | teasing | double penetration | held down || row 5: | orgies and decadence | fucking machines | genital torture | smacking / slapping | bondage (wrist / ankle restraints)

I've already got a postage stamp completed in the bottom right corner (5k of Dallon/Spencer/Brendon, wtaf), and I have ideas for drugs/aphrodisiacs, virginity/celibacy, bondage (other), shaving/depilation, vehicular, oral fixation, double penetration, and held down. If you have any prompts for the remaining squares, please let me know!
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Title: Paint Me Beautiful
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: NC-17
Kink: free square - writing on body
WC: ~5200
Summary: These are Brendon’s lyrics and random bits of thought, all scattered and winding around the pictures Brendon draws. It’s like Spencer’s skin has become Brendon’s diary, spelling out all his innermost thoughts, all those things Brendon usually keeps so safely guarded until he deems them ready for public consumption. Also featuring the ever elusive top!Brendon!
AN: Thank you so, so much to my darling [ profile] okubyo_kitsune, not only for making me feel better about this fic, but for cheering me on throughout this whole kink_bingo process and reassuring me that I could do it. And to my Muse, for being patient and awesome, and giving me totally wicked ideas for my squares, and for using me as her canvas. ♥

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Title: I Can’t Wait for You to Shut Me Up
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Jack Hodgins/Vincent Nigel Murray
Rating: NC-17
Kink: breathplay
WC: 675
Summary: There’s really only one good way to get Vincent to shut the hell up.
AN: I mostly made these statistics up, because it was surprisingly difficult to find this sort of information on the interwebs. Google, I am disappointed in you. Still, I tried to make them up in an educated sort of way…
Title from Mindless Self Indulgence song “Shut Me Up.”

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fic: Zuko/Aangfic:Spencer/Brendonfic: Jayne/Riverfic: Count D/Lex Luthorart: Peter/Sylarfic: Tet-chan/Chrisart: the Ds/Leonrec list: bandom, white collar, jo brosfic: Spencer/Ryan/Brendonfic: Arthur/EamesJack Hodgins/Vincent Nigel MurraySpencer/Ryanwriting on body: fic: Brendon/Spencerfic: Eames/Arthurfic: Puck/Kurtart: Miyaviart: Brendon/Spencerart: Amber Sweet/Shilohwet and messyart: Parker (leverage, implied Parker/Eliot/Hardison)twincest picspamart: Peter/El/Nealfic: Spencer/Brendonfic: Eames/Arthurart: Sherlock/John

For those of you who haven't been following along, and just because it was fun to make. Hovering over the square should tell you what sort of fill it is (fic, art, recs, picspam), and what pairing, but that isn't working for me, so I have apparently failed in some way. Work on that later. Now to a Maroon 5 concert, yay!

Thanks to [ profile] okubyo_kitsune for helping me with the html!
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So, I had originally planned on writing this, but then time constraints being what they were, art happened instead, this time in comic form! A bit different than my usual style. Also, damn I need a scanner, because photographs ruined the panels. blah.

Title: My Phone's on Vibrate for You
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
sex toy (cell phone vibrations)
SFW? Like, it's all insinuated. Nothing really shown?


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There really was no other way I was gonna go with this one than Leverage. I did want to have Elliot and Hardison in there with her, but I tried a few sketches and they were just awkward. So, I'm still saying this is implied OT3, and the boys are just having fun while Parker has to watch. Not that she minds.



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Man, I had about a million different ideas for this, but none of them were working, and I've always wanted to draw Brendon helping Oiran!Spencer get dressed and ready, so I finally just went with that.
From the au that I will write some day...



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Okay, so I had originally wanted to do Graverobber/Amber Sweet, because HOT. But there are sort of specific things that fit under painplay (other) and somehow this happened. IDEK. *facepalm*

Amber Sweet/Shilo
painplay/nipple biting


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Also, I love my computer so much for playing this song right now <3
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I'm so tired of sex guys, kink bingo sucks. So, I drew the aftermath of the gb. Still probably NSFW because of subject matter? IDK.

Count D/Sofu D/Papa D/Leon
Warnings: implied multi-generational incest

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Title: Do You Have a Mirror in Those Pants?
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Rating: R
Kink: rubbing/grinding
Warning: underage
WC: ~2300
Summary: Puck is a sexy stalker. Kurt is sassy. There is frottage. Pretty much it.
AN: OMG, I hate this show, wtaf am I doing? I blame the stupid internets for making Puck/Kurt such a delicious pairing...

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Title: Courtship for Dummies Vampires
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan/Brendon
Rating: NC-17
Kink: bloodplay
Warning: underage drinking and sex (Brendon is 16)
WC: 5700
Summary: True Blood AU in which Brendon is oblivious, Spencer is stupid, and Ryan is impatient. And there is lots of biting, and sex. Sort of one of those “five times” fics, except I apparently can’t write that many, because it would have turned into about a billionty words.
AN: This is actually part of a much more epic fic that I plan on writing some day, and this is set sort of right in the middle of that fic. It’s pretty self-contained and should make sense on its own, but there are references to actions or characters that have much more importance in the greater scheme of things. All you really need to know is that Brendon has still be kicked out of home and is living alone, and Ryan and Spencer are the Kings of Nevada.

For those uninitiated in True Blood: the US is split into four clans, each of which is split into sections ruled by Kings or Queens. The King and Queen have a human and vampire court. The role of King or Queen is given to the oldest vampire in the area. V is the street name for vampire blood, which is an illicit drug among humans.

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I’ve always been intrigued by the idea that narcissism is, in a way, the purest form of love. Twincest could be seen as a way to externalise that love. So, for mirrors I decided on using identical twins—the closeness of the connection can be really sexy, particularly when there seem to be little to no barriers between the twins. I’ve tried to focus on the homoeroticism while finding images that highlight the similarities. Lots of mirrored poses, or sensual or erotic poses.

23 images including Olsen twins, Kaulitz twins (Tokio Hotel), Hitachiin twins (Ouran High School Host Club), and the Brewer and Carlson twins. I'm gonna go with NSFW because of the nature of the pictures, though there is no nudity. I suck at coming up with commentary for picspam, so I’ll mostly let these speak for themselves.

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Title: The First Time Around
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan
Rating: PG except for language
Kink: mind control/amnesia
WC: 7400
Summary: for the prompt Ryan loses all memory of the last five years - and suddenly wakes up in a world where his Dad's dead, he's surrounded by unfamiliar people, and Spencer's not speed dial #1. Pretty much that, and not a lot of resolution.
AN: Another late birthday present (I’m playing catch-up), for [ profile] inteligrrl. This tried to turn epic on me, and it probably could have been 100k easily, but I cheated a lot—I have too many fics on the burner to let this one get out of hand. I hope you still enjoy it, because I actually liked writing it a lot.

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I’m going to preface these with a sort of catch all warning that since these fall under the BDSM umbrella, there’s are many instances of dub-con, orgasm denial, rough/violent sex, and various kinky shit (including some incest). Individual links should direct you to more specific warnings for each fic.

Here At The Right Time by [ profile] sunsetmog. (Bandom: Brendon Urie / Spencer Smith, NC-17, 52k) Boys, trying to figure out what gets them off.

This fic is probably my single most favourite D/s fic in existence. Trust [ profile] sunsetmog to win me over so thoroughly with D/s, just like she did with Brencer. I love everything about this—the awkward beginning of their relationship, the casualness with which they begin their foray into D/s, and how perfectly in character it remains, throughout the entire fic. They aren’t perfect sex gods, they stumble a little blindly, and they mess up from time to time. Even though there were parts where I grew uncomfortable, I stuck with and I’m so, so glad I did, because the payoff was well worth it. Also, features Dom!Brendon, which is really what caught my attention in the first place.

All We Fear is All that Can Save Us by [ profile] hidingoutside. (Bandom: Brendon/Ryan, NC-17). Post-divorce, Brendon and Ryan seriously fail at healthy communication.

Oh my god. I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I came into bandom a Ryden shipper, but even before the divorce I was going the way of Brencer. I can’t really say what got me to read this (except maybe Dom!Brendon, are you seeing a trend here?) but am I ever glad I did. If there was a fic that could get me back on the Ryden ship, it’s this one. These two are so fucked up it’s glorious. I like that the sex doesn’t fix everything, and how addicted to each other they are, and how they can’t face up to the truth. Also, this is maybe one of the hottest things I’ve ever read, and I don’t even really *dig* BDSM. Oh, and the ending was just wonderful and filled with hope.

So Let’s Talk Shop by [ profile] okubyo_kitsune. (Bandom: Ryan/Spencer, Jon/Ryan/Spencer, P!atD GSF, Spencer/Brendon, Jon/Ryan, NC-17). Spencer’s never been able to say no to Ryan Ross.

Now, normally I’m not about sub!Brendon, but his vulnerability worked perfectly for this fic. Part of what makes it such a great fic is what makes it difficult to read, too. It’s all predicated on Spencer’s inability to say no to Ryan, and all the heart-breaking complications that arise when that leads to a D/s relationship between them. What’s really fascinating is that, while Spencer goes through the motions of being submissive, he never actually is (at least in my reading of it). If for no other reason, this fic should be read just to get an honest, knowledgeable pov on how BDSM can go wrong. Of course, there are plenty of other awesome things about it, from the characterisation to the other bandom background pairings, and the lovely, vanilla-flavoured ending.

Push by [ profile] reni_days. (Bandom: Spencer/Brendon, NC-17, 1600).

Though this is specifically written as an obedience kink, I think it still fits nicely in the D/s category, especially because I can see it going that way in the future. In this they’re both adorably faily, which leads to hot, hot sex.

Tell me to stop by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Bandom: Spencer/Brendon, NC-17). Spencer needs to be in control in a relationship; Ryan introduces him to Brendon.

Sort of the quintessential bandom D/s in my mind, and the first one I read by quite a lot. [ profile] airgiodslv is great at writing interesting and realistic relationships, and her characterisation feels very true to life. It’s another instance of show the evolution of D/s as Spencer learns his way around it, what works and what doesn’t, and where lines should be drawn.

Hey Pretty (don’t you want to) by [ profile] disarm_d. (Bandom: Brendon/Spencer/Shane, NC-17, 17k). Brendon and Shane, vampire boyfriends, take on Spencer as their pet. Shenanigans ensue.

Okay, I’m not sure this really counts—there are definite BDSM themes about this, though, and I love it like burning. I guess, ostensibly, it’s crack, but I don’t know, it just struck a chord deep in me. Brendon and Shane are so sinister and scary and fucking crazy, and their psychological torture of Spencer is horribly wonderful. It’s really fascinating to watch the way Spencer’s personality changes, and the Stockholm syndrome-esque development of their relationship. I want so much more of this universe, please.

Cinderella, she seems so easy by [ profile] kat_lair. (Bandom: Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, 9k+).

As if the incest isn’t kinky enough, this fic hits a lot of my other buttons, including cross-dressing and possessiveness. While it isn’t straight out D/s, there are definite tones of it in Gerard and Mikey’s interactions—particularly in Mikey’s characterisation while he’s trying to figure out what he wants and how to get what he wants. It might not be explicitly said, but his blind love of his brother leads to his general submissiveness in their relationship.

Eyes Only by [ profile] disarm_d. (Bandom: Brendon/Spencer, NC-17, 2k+).

Short and sweet, and also with public sex. Spencer Smith is one sexy bastard in this, even if he’s kind of a pushy asshole.

The Games People Play (Sequel to Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for and It’s never easy, being the one in the middle) by [ profile] be_a_rebel. (White Collar: Neal/Peter/El and all variations thereof, NC-17, ~5k). AU series where Neal and Peter are half-brothers and part of a powerful criminal family/empire.

Though the first two don’t really get much into the D/s aspect of things, it’s there in little throw away lines about what gets Neal off, and how their relationship works. There’s a lot of possession, pushing of limits, orgasm denial and more—most often directed towards Neal by El and Peter, but occasionally going the other way. Though it isn’t always explicit, it is clear that Neal is pushing Peter’s buttons intentionally, in hopes of being called on it, and punished. Delicious. (also check out the companion piece linked at the end of the third fic, from Peter’s POV)

Orgami for Beginners by [ profile] blackwayfarers. (Jonas: Nick/Joe, NC-17, 14k+).

I think another of my kinks might be showing *sigh*. This is what I sort of think of as the softer, sweeter side of D/s. It’s a nice change from the Joe taking care of Nick fics to see Nick making all these little choices for Joe, and what it means to their relationship. Who knew I had a thing for Nick picking out Joe’s clothing—but it’s very subtle, and I like that a lot. And when Nick starts pushing the boundaries, before he’s fully realised what’s going on, god, it’s fucking hot.
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These three images are untitled, all rated SFW. I went with Miyavi (dude in most of my icons, like the one on this post). Miyavi, like many J-pop figures, enjoys playing with gender expectations and defying gender stereotypes. In these I have him not only playing up his femininity, but going with some ultra-feminine roles.


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Title: Pinned
Artist: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Peter/El/Neal
Rating: PG-13 (no naughty bits showing, male/male kissing)
Kink: Authority figures

Neal handcuffed while El and Peter have their way with him

preview: Photobucket

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Title: The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship (Or, If You’re Not One-Up, You’re One-Down)
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Eames/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Kink: begging
WC: 3860
Summary: Eames is determined to get under Arthur’s cool exterior. Sequel to on you on me on you, though it isn’t necessary to have read that to read this.
AN: Look, Eames and his all his pet names just got away from me. Also, Arthur may or may not be OOC, I can’t really decide…Thanks to Muse for looking this over for me <3

It's a Strange Way of Saying Thank You )
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This definitely NSFW; meant to be taken as Sylar/Peter, since those 'tentacles' are being controlled by the former, but I guess you could take it however...

please to be forgiving the shitty quality. I seriously need to get a scanner...

preview: Photobucket
behind the cut )

Also, this means BINGO, bitches!!! I'm going for a blackout, so I'll continue writing, and as soon as I'm not busy with that, I'm going to make an image map of my card to post :D


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