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So, I signed up for the challenge again this year. This is what I claimed:

The Blonde Geisha

In the ancient Japanese tradition of beauty and grace, sex and erotic fantasies are hidden secrets that only a select few may learn and which are forbidden to foreigners. But when a threat to her father's life puts her own in jeopardy, young Kathlene Mallory is sent to live in safety at the Tea House of the Look-Back Tree, where she is allowed to glimpse inside the sensual world of the geisha.

During the years of her training in the art of pleasuring men, Kathlene's desires are awakened by the promise of unending physical delights, and she eagerly prepares for the final ritual that will fulfill her dream of becoming a geisha--the selling of her virginity. The man willing to pay for such an honour, Baron Tonda, is not the man for whom Kathlene carries a secret longing, but he is the man who will bring ruin to the teahouse and danger to Kathlene, if he is disappointed....

Okay, so this made me want to punch the author so hardcore because GEISHA NEVER HAD SEX WITH THEIR CLIENTS!!! GEISHA WERE NOT PROSTITUTES!!! This misconception came about when Americans came over and saw prostitutes all dolled up, and saw geisha all dolled up, and could not distinguish between the two. BUT GEISHA HAVE NEVER BEEN PROSTITUTES.

I did a bit of research on the author/book, and that just made me rage about the place screaming about baka gaijin. No doubt my housemates thought I meant myself. I mean, all this bitch had to do was look on wikipedia or some shit. And she says she's *been* to Japan and learned all about the culture? Followed a geisha into the teahouse? God, I can only imagine how she must have insulted the poor women and patrons.

Anyway. *sigh* I am going to write this and do it justice, damnit. Starting with titling it "The Boy Oiran." Oiran is, I believe, the term our poor author was looking for Oiran were the high price courtesans during the edo period. Actually, male geisha came out of this tradition, providing entertainment in tandem with the female oiran, and when prostitution was made illegal, the female geisha came around.

So. Three guesses which bandom boy I've given this role to?

Here's a hint. I haven't started writing yet, but I decided to sketch him in all his oiran splendour. It might not look anything like him...
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The quality is shit--I sketched this in about twenty minutes on the back of my cell phone contract, and I don't have a scanner. But I have ~plans involving multimedia stuff. It should be fun...
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Title: The Bootstrap Paradox and Other Tips for Finding True Love
Author: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Jon/Spencer (background Brendon/Ryan, Travis/Gabe/William, Frank/Gerard and Pete/Patrick); POV 3rd, Spencer
Rating: NC-17
WC: 43k
Summary: In response to the [ profile] harlequin_bands challenge: Swept from her dismal present in the 1990s (facing unemployment and the singles scene), Phoebe Turlow takes a wrong turn at a hotel (while attending a “free” vacation in the Caribbean, sponsored by a condo company) and winds up in the seventeenth century in the company of a sexy, witty pirate named Duncan Rourke. As if Rourke does not have enough to do fighting the British in the American Revolution, he has to determine whether short haired, strange speaking Phoebe is a spy, a witch, or worse. Instead, he falls in love with her.
Okay, so Ryan was going to be Phoebe and Brendon Duncan, except then somehow Spencer and Jon took over the story, and so this really tells the story of Phoebe and Duncan’s best friends…I’m working on the Ryden side story that will actually end up more closely resembling the book summary. Oh, also changed it to the eighteenth century, since I’m *pretty* sure that’s when the American Revolution actually took place…*shrug*
Thanks to Muse for beta-ing and giving me a million and nine lolarious ideas when I got stuck towards the end. Thanks also to [ profile] lolab for cheering me on and demanding more. Without those two, I don’t know if I ever would have finished this…
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