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Okay, according to what I've researched online, they are apparently both (mostly) acceptable. Most dictionary sites will take include either spelling, though there are a few that say "eyeing" is incorrect. This is just mind-boggling, to me. I never *ever* saw the word spelled "eying" until a bandom story. At first I thought it was a typo and dismissed it. Then I read it in another bandom fic, and another. The thing is, one of my majors is English Literature, and I've read a tonne of novels, taken tonnes of classes on the English language, and I never saw it. Or it never caught my eye, which seems unlikely, since the spelling is so glaringly wrong (to me) that I don't think I could ignore it.
So, does anyone know why there are two different spellings? Is it a regional thing? Is one more correct than the other?
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Okay, okay, I'm doing this out of love people. Because I do love bandom, I do, but there is only so much grammar abuse I can take. So I'm going to keep this short and simple.

Please, if you do this, don't take it personally! I really just want to help, and I'm only doing this because I've seen a *lot* of this particular mistake over the past couple of days, all over the place. If you're doing it on purpose, because that's what the character would say, okay. I just want everyone to be aware...

'I' is the first person singular nominative pronoun. That means you use "I" when it is the subject of the sentence or clause:
I am going to the store. or,
John and I are going to the store.

Me is the objective pronoun. It is used as the object (direct object, reflexive object, indirect object, object of a prepositional phrase, part of the copula) of the sentence no matter how many other names you string together with it.
It's about me.
It's about me and John.

However, thanks to fucking useless second grade teachers, people don't often understand to distinguish between when to use 'I' and when to use 'me.' It is drilled into the heads of young, impressionable children, that 'me' is wrong and 'I' is right, and if you want to sound intelligent, you use 'I.'

A quick way to check yourself, if this doesn't make a lot of sense, is to take the other names or objects in the list out. If what you're left with makes sense, then you're good. Otherwise, please change. For example...
It's about John and I.
It's about I.
Simply removing the name John makes it clear that in this instance, 'me' should be used instead.


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