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I've been so busy I haven't had time to post, but every time I look at my new desktop, I get all giggly happy...Here I am:



Now if only gomerch would ship my freakin' package D:
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They haven't put up any vids from Nagoya that I've hunted down, yet.
This one is mostly techies, but it is amusing for their inability to pronounce Japanese words, and for Joe trying to hump Andy and then Patrick joining them for some weird hip thrusting exercise. IDEK.
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OMG. I don't think there's anything more adorable than Pete trying to speak Japanese *except* when he made Patrick speak and Patrick said "I don't even like to speak on stage. Let alone in Japanese." SO FUCKING CUTE!!!
There was disappointingly little Patrick/Pete in the show, though there was one point where they did that thing where they face each other and lay their heads on each other's shoulders and play, which will never fail to be sweet.
I got to touch Pete's guitar and Joe's hair, and most of Hey Monday. The problem with being in the front row, however, was that in Japan there are no cameras, so I had to hide mine behind the guy next to me. The sound was fucked up, but I got a few nice shots of Pete and Patrick and Joe. Man, I loved it when Pete and Joe threw themselves around on stage, and Patrick got fucking *down* during "Beat It." I'm so in love. Joe spit water on me and I got Patrick's sweat on me, and OMG, by the time the show was over, my pants were halfway down my thighs and my shirt was soaked through. I wore my "Fall Out Boy Hasn't Been Good Since..." shirt, but I bought a shirt there, too, so I switched after, and gave all the boys a show on the street.
I met and hung with Hey Monday a little after, but mostly only because the guys were super hot. I thought the performance was okay, but I wasn't thrilled with Cassadee, but I decided to give her a shot. They came out the front after and a bunch of Japanese kids were speaking to them in Japanese and I was like "you guys are fucking hot" and they were like "your English is very good." We had a laugh which ended up with them inviting me to walk with them, and we talked for a bit. The guys were super cool, but Cassadee was rude and stand-offish. I'm going to let it pass and guess she was just tired or something. Whatever. The guys were fucking hot, and when I get a chance, I'll put up my pics with them.
I'll try to post longer about it, but they played "Saturday" and "Grand Theft Autumn" and (my two favourites) America's Suitehearts and Take Over The Break's Over, and so many others, and OMG. I'm sore. Being in the front row hurts.
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How did I not know there was a new Kiss My Sass video? I feel like I've been let down by my flist.
I can't decide what's my favourite part: Gabe's full body rubdown of Ryland, Victoria's amazingly sexy and sweet little yellow dress, Vampire William and Vicky-T, Gabe and Travie being 89 different kinds of dork, Ryland's huge eyes, or the fact that this video was obviously made as a response to Panic's Hallowe'en video. "Oh yeah? Panic can have Shane film them in the woods out beside a venue. Fine. We'll make our next video on the side of the road."
I love these bands pretty much more than words.

Also, enjoy more pictures of FOB. Again, I don't have a scanner, so this is w/my webcam. They're giving these out free at HMV. Maybe I'll go grab a couple more and send them to interested parties.

Behind the cut ).
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So, I know these photos suck. But I don't have a scanner, and I thought people might like to see them anyway. So, yeah. Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes photos.


The rest behind the cut )
Hope they weren't too shitty. I'll try to get better ones if I find a scanner.

Now I have to go study. And fail anyway.


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