Jun. 24th, 2011 12:04 pm
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Oh my god, people, this band! Don't get me wrong, I love Panic! and My Chem and all my other big bands, but there's something about the smaller venues and informal setting that you get with Empires (though I'd trade that for their mainstream success, really, because they deserve it SO MUCH).

I went to two shows--one in Toledo last week and one in Akron last night. The first was pretty cool. We were there at seven and most people came in much later, so for a while there were only about 12 people or so hanging out in the outer room. Tom was at the merch table, so I finally made myself go over and talk to him. I told him it was my first time seeing them b/c they hadn't come near enough that I could go since I'd heard them/come back to the country. He asked where I'd been and then we had a long conversation about Japan, because apparently he loves it. He was telling me how he'd gotten lost one time and used his cellphone as a high tech bread crumb, going back through the pics he'd been taking and finding those things irl to get back to where he'd started. Then Harrison was like "Do you know how many cities with a population of over a million there are in Japan?" to me and I was like "...a lot?" So he told us how many were in America and how many were in China and Tom's like "Dude, why are you asking her these questions???" Then some people they knew came up, so I made my purchases and got out of the way. I bought three of their shirts and their vinyl (they signed that and a poster for me).

Ryan came out and sat next to Harrison and their laptop started playing Lady Gaga, so I was teasing them and Ryan was pointing at Harrison behind his back and mouthing "not mine." I told him they should cover her, and he was like "Next tour, we can all dress as different versions of her." I went and changed into one of their shirts and coming out of the bathroom I passed Ryan who was like "Nice shirt." And I was like "Oh, it's this cool band I like..." and he high-fived me.

Right before they went on, Sean came out and talked to me for a bit. Honestly, I was struck by his hotness (which is silly, b/c I find Tom and Ryan hotter), so other than the fact that it went on for about 5 minutes, he asked my name, and learned it was my first show, I have NO IDEA what I said. Then the other band left the stage and he was like "oh, I think that's us!"

Then this happened:

IDEK that everyone who watches this now knows my real name. Because he sang. My favourite song. TO ME! Ryan broke one of his drumsticks during Runaway and after gave it to me (and signed it!) I also snagged a set list, just cause, then forgot to have it signed. Oh well, still cool. Pics below.

After we hung out a little more. Max was finally at the table and I was like "I was looking all over for you!" And he was like "I'm elusive," and I said, "yes, like a unicorn," and he laughed and then Ryan said that could be his version of Gaga. IDK what version that is, b/c I don't really know much about Gaga. I talked to Ryan again, but I seriously don't remember a single thing we said, other than he was complaining about the beer that they bar was giving them, but then he was like "but it's free." So I asked what they'd prefer if they had their choice and he and Harrison were like "Whiskey!"

So...last night. I baked them some Irish Car Bomb cupcakes--the cupcake is made with guinness, the ganache filling is made with whiskey, and the icing is made with Bailey's, and that shit is both delicious and strong. I brought ten, two each for them, and then I got them this gift set of different whiskeys.

The opening acts were mostly pretty good, so I waited til between sets and saw Sean, Ryan, and Tom over by the merch table, and took it to them. They were all so sweet and thanked me a lot, and Tom was like "what can we give you in return," and I was like "you gave us your music, and you give it to us for free." They all gave me hugs and then went to the backstage area. A few minutes later Ryan comes over to my table and highfives me and then leans in to show me the little pocket in his vest where he's got one of the whiskey bottles hidden. We talked about the other show I was at and he said this one was gonna be better because of the openers and the sound here, and then when the band finished their song, gave me a hug and ran off.

After they played, I went over to get another of their shirts (I had only enough money for three last time, but I loved all their shirts). Some of the opening bands were over there, and honestly, two, Apres Vous and Asleep were REALLY good so I wanted their music anyway. They were so kind, and the guy from Asleep, Todd, was almost out of shirts, and only had them in some sizes. I wanted larger than what he had, and he told me to try on a smaller one. The shirt I had on wasn't form fitting, but it was, and he just stared at me from different angles and was like "Um, you have huge breasts and your WAIST. You are taking that shirt." Then gave me it and their cd for, like, seven dollars (later I brought him a ten, because they were good, and I had the change left over, so they deserved it).

I went over to get my Empires shirt and Max was there, I tried to hand him the money but Tom came over and pushed it back at me and was like "She's the one with the cupcakes! You don't pay for our merch." I tried to tell him that I was more than happy to pay and they deserved it, but he was insistent that I would not pay for their merch ever again (I was tricky--I just gave my money to a girl who didn't have enough to buy their merch herself, so they got it in the end). Tom hugged me about six times and we talked forEVER. It was so cool, like just talking to a new friend. I mentioned that I wanted to try to make it to Chicago for their show at the end of July and he was like "oh, please do. The tour is just stripped down rock, what we can do on the road, but in Chicago we can do so much more with some of other songs, bring some friends on stage, and all our family is there." And I said that maybe I should just stay out of their way when I come and he was like "No! Please come hang out with us, just know all our family and friends will be there." And Nic, my friend, was like "so, are you saying she shouldn't bring cupcakes?" And Tom was like "ALWAYS BRING CUPCAKES." and hugged me again.

We talked a bit more before Todd called us over to ask something about venues in Columbus. Then when we went to leave, I waved at Tom and Max, and Tom comes running around the table, knocks over their tshirt box, and gives me two more hugs and kept thanking me. That boy hugs like NOTHING ELSE, man. So tight and sweet. I didn't even care that he was sweaty as shirt. It was adorable. He said "dude, I am going to be tweeting about those cupcakes all night." And I laughed and said I looked forward to it. Then he hugged me again, and we left. He didn't tweet about them, sadly, but there were a lot of people there, and he was probably tired and/or drunk, after.

So, now I have to find a way to get to Chicago in late July with a bunch of cupcakes, lol.

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Okay, so now I maybe get some people who are weird about writing RPS once you've met people. I doubt it'll ever be a problem with the big bands, because the meet and greets are just too formal, but Tom talked to me for a long time, and treated me like a friend, and I said to Muse, when I got home, "good thing I already wrote the Frank!elf fic, b/c I don't think I can write about Tom any more..." Not that I ever wrote him as a main character, but still.

In conclusion: my baking rocks, and Tom's hugs = love
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So, having learned my lesson from the Chicago show (which there will be a recap/pics/vids of later, but the Cleveland show as way, way better, so I'm doing it first :D), I decided to show up earlier for the Cleveland show. I got there around 8 am to find there were only about 20 people in line. It was confusing because there were two lines. The one out front was full of bitches. Like, seriously, horrible people who were seriously rude. I walked up and was like "wow, is this all there is?" all surprised because there were fewer than 10 people and they were like "you seriously think this is all there would be, you need to go get in the other line around back." And I thought they were joking at first, but they told me to leave, so I went around and found the second line at the side.

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By the end I was covered in sweat. It was ten times hotter and way more crushed than at the Chicago show, but at least they kept giving us water. Somehow my face paint stayed on, even through all that shit. One of the techs brought me a set list, but he let it go before I had a hold of it and the girls behind and next to me grabbed it like fucking bitches. I almost stabbed someone, wth? Like, I got one of Pedicone's drumsticks, but it had been meant for the girl two down from me, and I gave it to her right away. Some people are douchebags.

There will be a million pics of the boys and a few of mine and Muse's costumes tomorrow. I'll probably start on the Chicago vids tomorrow, too, but now I need some sleep before work! In the meantime, have one each of Frank, Mikey, and Gerard
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So, I'm a couple days late, but I was totally trashed that night, and then recovering from that yesterday, plus it took a million years for the videos to upload, so whatever.

The venue, The Basement, is really tiny, and we were one of the first 20 people in, and made a beeline for the bar. We made quick friends with the bartenders who kept bringing us really strong, awesome drinks even when we didn't ask for them, and eventually stopped charging us. Plus, even though the bar was bit further back, we were still really freakin' close, and they let us sit on the bartop which gave us a perfect view over everyone's heads. Altogether there can't have been more than 150 people there, which made me kinda sad when Ryan said it was "packed."

The opening act, Look Afraid, is a local band and I absolutely loved every single song they played. It felt very classic rock, and the singer had a really nice voice. They sounded polished and professional, plus they were super nice. I chatted a bit with their guitarist and singer later (I bought their cd, only $5! and they gave me a bunch of free buttons and stickers and shit). They were very chill, talking about music in general and the tour and when they'd be back locally, and I am so gonna go see them again.

Bad Rabbits was fucking awesome! Dude, I'd heard good things about them, so I had high expectations, and they were exceeded. They were fun and funny, really good entertainers on top of being talented musicians. Near the end of their set, I glanced to my right, and about three stools down from us was Jon Walker, just drinking a beer and I was like WTF? Cause I guess I still think of them as being their Panic level of famous, where they'd get mobbed. No one was bothering him or anything. So we get up to go the bathroom, and as we're walking, there's Ryan Ross, and okay. I just didn't know how to be that close to him. Which is funny, because, like, I've made out with famous people. But I was young then, and I still wasn't sure how I felt about him, and it was just weird. Plus he had a very nice waist. Yeah, I was sort of staring.

So then it was TYV, and okay, look. I'm still not crazy about Change, and The Other Girl made me want to get up on the stage and punch Ryan Ross in his stupid pretty face. However, I actually really liked Dangerous Blues, Take a Vacation, and both of Jon's songs, and live, Change was so much better than the recording. Also, they were just so obviously happy, you couldn't look away and it was infectious. There are a couple bands/singers who I only like when I listen to their live stuff, and I think that might be TYV for me.

They had these ridic stories, like Ryan's girl from Africa and Jon being pantsed by the Bad Rabbits, which are in the vids I took. If you can't understand them, let me know and I'll translate. The quality isn't horrible, but it isn't really great, either...
Vids and pics are Under the Cut )

So, after they got off stage, I went to the bathroom again and I come back to see all these people hanging around by my seat, and I'm all wtf, so I manage to make my way through and sit down and look to my left, where I see, less than a foot away, the cause of the crowd. Ryan's just chillin' where my shit is.

You guys, I was so fucking cool. I don't even know how it happened. After the crowd dispersed, he just hung out there for like twenty minutes. So the bartender brought us more drinks and I still wasn't finished with mine, so I was like, "Have a drink." and Ryan was all "Thanks. What is it?" Okay, when I'd asked the bartender the same thing, she said "fucking strong" so I said, "Fucking strong," and he takes a sip, his eyes go wide and he's like "wow, it really is. Thanks!" And starts double fisting with his other drink. So we just chatted for a bit. I told him that they looked like they were having fun, and that I'd enjoyed it, and he was just so *happy*. He was fucking beaming, you guys. I don't know. I always got this impression that he'd be stand-offish, or an aloof dickhead or something, but he was *so* fucking friendly and chill and talkative.

Then I went and hung out with the Look Afraid guys some more, except Ryan came over there, so we ended up talking a bit more. Honestly, I have no idea what we were talking about, I was pretty drunk at that point. Something about how the girls had seen the opening act when they arrived and how their van broke down and the dude was like "Yeah, now it works fine, I have no idea."

Jon was surrounded by a huge gaggle of girls at this point, but eventually we got pictures with him, and his autograph. When I went to get the autograph from the Look Alive guys, Ryan took and signed it with "xoxo" after his name, and then I literally ran into TYV guitar player, who is very nice and *cute*.

We had to leave about halfway through Foxxy, which was sad, because they were fun, but Muse was our DD and she had work the next morning and it was already a quarter til 11, so. *shrug*

Before I left, I told Ryan that I knew he was probably sick of hearing it, but I'd never had the chance before, so I wanted to thank him for writing fever and he just smiled so wide and was very gracious about it. Which just confuses me all the more about the whole split. But whatever. They're happy.

Also, in case you hadn't heard, they are writing their next album, and take a vacation comes out in June.
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OMG. I don't think there's anything more adorable than Pete trying to speak Japanese *except* when he made Patrick speak and Patrick said "I don't even like to speak on stage. Let alone in Japanese." SO FUCKING CUTE!!!
There was disappointingly little Patrick/Pete in the show, though there was one point where they did that thing where they face each other and lay their heads on each other's shoulders and play, which will never fail to be sweet.
I got to touch Pete's guitar and Joe's hair, and most of Hey Monday. The problem with being in the front row, however, was that in Japan there are no cameras, so I had to hide mine behind the guy next to me. The sound was fucked up, but I got a few nice shots of Pete and Patrick and Joe. Man, I loved it when Pete and Joe threw themselves around on stage, and Patrick got fucking *down* during "Beat It." I'm so in love. Joe spit water on me and I got Patrick's sweat on me, and OMG, by the time the show was over, my pants were halfway down my thighs and my shirt was soaked through. I wore my "Fall Out Boy Hasn't Been Good Since..." shirt, but I bought a shirt there, too, so I switched after, and gave all the boys a show on the street.
I met and hung with Hey Monday a little after, but mostly only because the guys were super hot. I thought the performance was okay, but I wasn't thrilled with Cassadee, but I decided to give her a shot. They came out the front after and a bunch of Japanese kids were speaking to them in Japanese and I was like "you guys are fucking hot" and they were like "your English is very good." We had a laugh which ended up with them inviting me to walk with them, and we talked for a bit. The guys were super cool, but Cassadee was rude and stand-offish. I'm going to let it pass and guess she was just tired or something. Whatever. The guys were fucking hot, and when I get a chance, I'll put up my pics with them.
I'll try to post longer about it, but they played "Saturday" and "Grand Theft Autumn" and (my two favourites) America's Suitehearts and Take Over The Break's Over, and so many others, and OMG. I'm sore. Being in the front row hurts.


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