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1. Okay, so the first sort of comes from the MCR trailer and the lyrics of the first single +the Twitters and shit, so this might get a little rambling. This could be Frank/Gee and Ray/Mikey, or GSF, or Ray/Gee and Frank/Mikey (in the order from that which I'd most prefer, to least, but really I'd be happy with anything).

lyric interpretation! )

Okay, so to get to the fic idea, which I really *want* to write, but just don't have the time for. This isn't completely developed yet, either, so sorry.
When everything started, it seemed as though News A Go Go and Cherri Cola were very clearly on one side, with Dr. Death-Defying on the other, and Tommy Chow Mein running around like a crazy person in the desert. Except then Party Poison showed up on the scene, clearly friendly with both Dr. Death-Defying and Cherri, which confuses things a lot (plus the fact that if News a Go Go isn't Ray, then Ray doesn't have a part, and I don't think that can be true)

So...Ray and Frank are working for the...big bad/the evil corporation that has taken over the world/whatever passes as a government in this world, and Frank's out there hunting down Dr. Death-Defying and his followers (which would at least mean Party Poison/Gee, since video of Gerard in his animal costume were posted by News a Go Go/Ray for his Agent's to pursue). I'm thinking that Tommy/Mikey manages to walk a fine line between the two, in that he's on DDD/Gee's side, but he's not done anything overt to get him on the radar of the bad guys, since News a Go Go speaks about Tommy in a non-antagonistic, if derisive sort of way.

At some point, things between Cherri and News a Go Go get tense, when News a Go Go chastises her for not being very lady-like, and Cherri responds with a FUCK YOUR WORLD. Also, Cherri goes from threatening Gerard here: "Feelin' juicy. Gonna go all polka dottie on @partypoison" to giving him a friendly warning: "I fast-fwd'd zone 3. Bringing it back in a few clips covered in blitz and razz. Keep an ear to the ground" to which Gerard responds "@AgentCherriCola Give me the high-sign, motherbox." Cherri also tweeted: "@drdeathdefying turn up the disease. we're dialed in." suggesting that she's officially switched sides and is listening to his broadcast/orders rather than those of News a Go Go. The Dr's response of "Hey, @AgentCherriCola, thanks for finally giving back my RFYLCB tape. All is forgiven" is interesting in that it indicates that maybe Cherri was on the side of the good guys once before, or at least knew them in some capacity other than as hunter/hunted.

Anyway, given this switch in allegiance and taking into consideration the content of the lyrics, I want a fic where Gerard shows up at one of the bad guys' strong holds, in his ridiculous mask with his ridiculous hair, with his gas can to burn that shit to the ground, and Frank sees him and doesn't immediately make the connection that this is Party Poison (who he's only seen in the animal head) and is all star-eyed "Who *is* that dashing man in the mask?" and Gerard makes some huge soap-boxy speech about the establishment and fighting corruption, and ya know, is sort of fucking crazy with his jazz hands and shit, and Frank is so fucking won over by it. So then he has to hunt down Dr. Death-Defying's hide-out and convince Gerard that he's for real and wants to join him. Gerard's all ready to get rid of him, but Dr. Death-Defying gives him a chance to prove himself, so Frank goes back and that's when he starts playing double agent, passing info along to Gee and DDD.

This is where it gets vague, because at some point they have to win over News a Go Go/Ray, as well. His anarchistic tweets about grammar, society, and ray guns definitely suggest that the switch in sides was made, but there's no indication as to *why*. Maybe he was never honestly loyal to the bad guys, but didn't see any alternative, and once Frank tells him about Gee/DDD, Ray is totally in.

Anyway, they all eventually get together and Gee wrangles Mikey, (and I guess DJ Hot Chimp, who I'm gonna say is Ladyboy), and then they become superheros, the end.

2. Brendon is the antichrist. Wacky hijinks ensue. It's actually sort of horribly angsty in the beginning, because his family thinks he's evil, but they're too afraid of him to really do anything about it, because he makes weird shit happen. And he's alone and lonely, and even though the demons have misplaced them, it isn't likely to be a problem because once they find him it will be so easy to use that loneliness to manipulate him and turn him dark, and have them do their bidding and all. And then it's sort of a merging of Good Omens and Supernatural, where, as in the latter, Brendon is made aware of his nature (up until then he thought he was weird, or cursed, but didn't realise he was the fucking ANTICHRIST) and he flips out and runs away from home, and then like in the former he meets this really awesome group of friends who balance him out and keep him grounded and make him feel normal for the first time in his life and are so totally unfazed, dismissive of his powers that Brendon starts to view his powers as something that are just a part of him, rather than something he should hate or fear, and as such he's better able to control them. And that's pretty much it. Like, there's no huge confrontation or anything. Just Brendon finding his place, despite what his nature or his destiny says that place should be. Also, gen would be fine, though of course I'd be happy with Brencer, OT3, or GSF, and the only friends I really *need* to be included are Spencer, Shane, Pete, Bill, and Gabe.
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I don't even know how my mind got here, okay, but as I was drifting off the other night, I realised that what Bandom really needs is a Romancing the Stone AU. So, okay, I'm changing things slightly to suit the shipper in me, but Spencer is Joan, only instead of writing romance novels, maybe he's a famous journalist, or true crime writer, or something, and of course his best friend Ryan, who's the actual romance novelist, is travelling through South America for inspiration, or something, with his boyfriend, Brendon, when they both stumble upon the map and are kidnapped, but not before Brendon sends the map off to Spencer.

So their kidnapper is totally Pete (Ira) and Patrick is Ralph, trying to control his stupidity, except maybe he's a little bit nicer than Danny Devito, and of course they don't double cross each other. And obviously they're not actually going to let Zolo *kill* anyone.

So Ryan calls Spencer and is like "I *really* need you to bring me that package" and Spencer is like "I have a deadline. And do not want to come to Cartagena." But Ryan is being really weird and sounds freaked out, so Spencer's like *sigh* "Seriously, Ross, I can't let you go *anywhere*."

Spencer gets down to Columbia and Ryan doesn't meet him, which is when Spencer gets a call from Zolo. Then, like, I'm not sure who I'd cast as Zolo (maybe William? Gerard? I don't think anyone in bandom is *evil* enough), and he makes his way for Cartagena and Zolo shoots the bus all up and Spencer's stranded in the middle of the Columbian jungle and Jon Walker is *pissed* because, like that shoot out was *right next* to his shack and his pets could have got hurt, what the fuck? And Spencer's like "OMG, an American, pls help me!"
And Jon's like "...You're wearing a 2000 dollar suit in the middle of the Columbian jungle? Bwahahahah. But I'll help you. For all your money."

And Spencer is obviously not as stupid/helpless as Kathleen Turner, but he is stuck up and a bit of a dick, and Jon's pretty laid back (but not as selfish/asshole as Michael Douglas--he's just travelling around doing photography, wanting to put together some sort of National Geography magazine, but needs the start up capital).

They have to camp out for the night and start talking and Jon realises that Spencer has a map to this gemstone and tries to convince Spencer to go search for it with him. And Spencer's like "that's way too dangerous, I'm not going to risk Ryan and Brendon." And Jon's, "Zolo will never know. We'll find it then give him the map and go on our way."

Then while they're being chased by Zolo and Patrick, they run into these Columbian drug dealers, but their leader, Gabe, is totally a huge fan of Spencer and Ryan's books, so they help them out and get them a car. Of course, shortly after Spencer and Jon finally hook up and Spencer finds Jon's photo journal and realises what he's trying to do, and Jon convinces Spencer to go after the treasure, but they get separated after they find it, chased by Patrick and Zolo. Jon says he'll meet Spencer in Cartagena, but Jon has the gem and Spencer doesn't believe him.

Spencer goes to meet Pete and give him the map and Zolo shows up and knows that they already have the gem and tells Pete to kill Ryan and Brendon but Pete's like "That's a little too hardcore for me." So Zolo pulls a gun on Pete, but Patrick's like "I don't think so!" And they're having a standoff when Jon shows up and comes to the rescue, but one of Zolo's crocs eats the gem during the fight and Jon says he has to go after it and Spencer's like "You're fucking insane," and doesn't think he'll ever see him again.

So Spencer and Brendon and Ryan go back to New York (or Vegas, whatever, I don't care) and Spencer and Ryan have new books coming out. Spencer's is all about their adventure and everyone's talking about what a hit it's going to be, and he gets this invitation to be interviewed by this travel magazine and shows up and Jon's there, and it's his magazine, and he found the jewel and finally got his start and he suggests that he and Spencer travel the world together, and Spencer can write the articles and Jon can take the pictures, and they all live happily ever after!

Now write it, because I seriously don't need to add this to my queue...


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