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Of course the Spock/Kirk/Uhura summary at [ profile] polybigbang is the one that caught my eye.
This story was a lot of fun to do art for. I almost felt guilty, because I feel like it deserved better art than I was able to give. Ideally, I would have loved to illustrate several scenes, but this is one the author, copperplate suggested, and once she did, I had to agree that it was perfect. I decided to do the final scene in the form of a comic strip. I included 3 copies of the final piece. It's mixed media, and the scan didn't really show the fabric of the other planet, or the glitter in the sky. I ended up taking a few photos of it, which I think do a bit better job of showing all the detail.

Check out the fic on AO3 here

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So, I had originally planned on writing this, but then time constraints being what they were, art happened instead, this time in comic form! A bit different than my usual style. Also, damn I need a scanner, because photographs ruined the panels. blah.

Title: My Phone's on Vibrate for You
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
sex toy (cell phone vibrations)
SFW? Like, it's all insinuated. Nothing really shown?


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There really was no other way I was gonna go with this one than Leverage. I did want to have Elliot and Hardison in there with her, but I tried a few sketches and they were just awkward. So, I'm still saying this is implied OT3, and the boys are just having fun while Parker has to watch. Not that she minds.



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Man, I had about a million different ideas for this, but none of them were working, and I've always wanted to draw Brendon helping Oiran!Spencer get dressed and ready, so I finally just went with that.
From the au that I will write some day...



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Okay, so I had originally wanted to do Graverobber/Amber Sweet, because HOT. But there are sort of specific things that fit under painplay (other) and somehow this happened. IDEK. *facepalm*

Amber Sweet/Shilo
painplay/nipple biting


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Also, I love my computer so much for playing this song right now <3
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I'm so tired of sex guys, kink bingo sucks. So, I drew the aftermath of the gb. Still probably NSFW because of subject matter? IDK.

Count D/Sofu D/Papa D/Leon
Warnings: implied multi-generational incest

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These three images are untitled, all rated SFW. I went with Miyavi (dude in most of my icons, like the one on this post). Miyavi, like many J-pop figures, enjoys playing with gender expectations and defying gender stereotypes. In these I have him not only playing up his femininity, but going with some ultra-feminine roles.


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Title: Pinned
Artist: Mokuyoubi
Pairing: Peter/El/Neal
Rating: PG-13 (no naughty bits showing, male/male kissing)
Kink: Authority figures

Neal handcuffed while El and Peter have their way with him

preview: Photobucket

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This definitely NSFW; meant to be taken as Sylar/Peter, since those 'tentacles' are being controlled by the former, but I guess you could take it however...

please to be forgiving the shitty quality. I seriously need to get a scanner...

preview: Photobucket
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Also, this means BINGO, bitches!!! I'm going for a blackout, so I'll continue writing, and as soon as I'm not busy with that, I'm going to make an image map of my card to post :D


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