Oct. 1st, 2016

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First off, thanks for writing for me! I haven't had the best luck with authors in the past--in fact they've pretty much always dropped out last minute and left me to the pinch-hitters, so, if there's something here that's just not working for you, please try to let me know and I can try to give you alternate ideas that might not be as daunting!

So, in general I prefer mature/explicit ratings. I'm fine with angst as long as it has a happy ending, and I enjoy fluff, but it has to be realistic to the characters and tone of the original canon. I hate cheating in any form and I really don't want to see the characters of my pairing engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with anyone outside the pairing (negotiated polyamory is a different story). Characterisation is probably the single most important aspect to me out of everything. I love world-building and all kinds of ridiculous tropes like fake dating, or not realising they're basically a couple until someone comments on it, bed-sharing leading to sex, enemies to lovers, and so on. As far as kinky stuff goes, I'm down for almost anything that's not spanking or non-canon typical violence. Biting and scratching in the heat of passion, sure. Also love when characters are so desperate for each other they can barely get to the actual sex before they're coming, lots of pawing at each other and rubbing and humping, but I do like penetrative sex above other types (which isn't to say I'm not down to see other forms, but I'd like penetrative included as well, if that's the case, if at all possible--except when otherwise mentioned below.) I like come-marking and coming inside, messy sex, realistic sex, laughing during sex, rough sex (but more out of desperation than intention or desire to hurt one another, unless otherwise mentioned below).
DO NOT WANT and BDSM or any D/s stuff at ALL.

Hysteria (2011) Charlotte Dalrymple/Mortimer Granville -- I thought this movie was just adorable and the chemistry between these two was crackling, but considering the topic of the movie, we got an incredibly chaste ending. I'd DIE to see some sexy times between these two. Charlotte leading Mortimer in bed, teaching him how to please a woman OR Mortimer "researching" with Victorian pornography gifted to him by Lord Edmund, blushing like a madman but learning how to please Charlotte, and surprising the hell out of her (in a good way) when they go to bed together. Happy, non-complicated, sexy as hell fluffy smut is what I'm looking for with this pairing!

Live Free or Die Hard (2007) John McClane/Matt Farrell -- I love this pairing so much, I've tried my hand at a it a few times myself. They had such a great chemistry with one another in the film, and I love the idea of someone who's been through hell with McClane sticking with him afterwards. The two of them recovering together, John being continuously surprised that Matt keeps hanging around no matter what he says or does. And John coming to terms with his attraction to Matt and what it means for him, as such a conservative, redblooded man's man, but I like the idea of him not really having a freakout over it--I mean, he's John McClane, he's faced death how many times?? Is he really going to breakdown over his sexuality? Love teasing Matt and straight-faced but secretly infatuated John. Meeting the family is also a fun possibility, and if you're looking for more of a plot, something where the two of them end up working together, Matt doing computer stuff for the PD or FBI or something, or maybe just as his roommate (where Matt just never went home afterwards) and the two of them ending up in another ridiculous life and death situation and finally reveal their feelings/attraction.

Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout - Nero, Archie, Saul, Fritz -- I put all the characters for flexibility on my part, but I don't need them all included, I'm also happy with any others you might wish to include in the background. I've got Fritz on there because he's got such a fun dynamic with Nero et al, but I don't ship him with anyone. Feel free to take it or leave it and use him as the situation requires-or not at all! As for the others, I'd love either Nero/Archie or Archie/Saul. I'm a Nero/Archie OTP girl--anything with the two of them snarking at each other, and Archie pushing all of Nero's buttons would be great. I don't NEED smut, but I'd like it, with Nero being so insecure in every aspect, and Archie just blithely pushing forward, loving how flustered Nero gets over having his space invaded, being touched, having his belongings moved around, his routine mixed up, etc. Just, over all, the deep love and trust between them that remains unspoken but implicit. With these two, given Nero's issues, if you're writing first time smut between these two, I doubt penetrative sex would happen. Alternately, I'd be down for some pure Archie/Saul smut. These are two good looking, smart ass guys both constantly vying for Nero's approval and trying to one up each other. That could be a fun aspect to explore in a sexy way!

The Pretender Jarod/Miss Parker -- One of my old school OTPs and I just can't get enough of these two. We really got left high and dry with these two, so anything that could finally give them both a happy ending, safe and separate from wreckage and ruin of The Centre. Miss Parker is so wounded, but really desperate for Jarod to give her a reason she can hang on to to drag her away from that life. She's really wavering thanks to what she's learned of her mother. And Jarod, searching in her for the sign of the girl that he loved, knowing the good and really longing to be with her, but unwilling to give up his search for truth and making up for all the things he's done. How could these two end up with their Happily Ever After? I'm happy to see how it happens, or the aftermath, with their domestic life after--mostly happy, but both still dealing with the past that haunts them. Maybe starting a family or finding one. Fluff (and smut) are great, but I imagine there'd still be a bit of underlying angst involved. I also think that canonically Miss Parker is rough in bed and Jarod is likely down for anything, so a bit more violence and pleasure from inflicting/receiving pain is okay, but still not BDSM levels.

Feel free to ask any questions as an anon below and I'll respond when I see them! You can also send anon asks on tumblr, where I'm more likely to read/respond in a timely manner. http://moku-youbi.tumblr.com/ !


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