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For all fics, not a fan of BDSM, non-con, violence outside of what might be expected in canon. No cheating, no major character death.
Yes to fluff, smut, world building, character development, AUs

Pushing Daisies - I would really, really love some Ned/Chuck/Olive like burning, omg. Kinky fun with Olive acting as a sexual conduit for Ned and Chuck, or just fluff of them all being adorable and cuddly with one another. I just adore Olive, so if they are together, I want them to actually want and care for her as well, not just using her--that's just the awesome side benefit of a threesome where two people can't touch one another!
Alternately, if that's not your thing, Ned/Chuck is cool, too, with them figuring out how to get around the no touching deal.
In general I love the kookiness of the show, and basically EVERY character, so feel free to include whoever, outside of the shippiness. Further explanation of the rules of Ned's power is cool, too!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Phryne/Jack, please! Basically anything at all with these two in a romantic relationship with make me happy. I love first time, but established relationship is great, too. I am not fond of the way the show sometimes tries to force dramatic sexual tension by making Jack jealous and rude to Phryne over her sexual history. I really enjoy the dynamic of mutual respect and trust they have, and how well they work together. I'd also love something sexy and smutty, though not necessary. I think of them as equally sexually aggressive, but given their trust for one another, willing to hand over the reins, so to speak.
Some things I'd love to see: the two of them working a case and having to be pretend married. Stuck somewhere together, whether tied up or otherwise restrained by the bad guys, or just far away from civilization because a car broke down, or what have you. Maybe bumping into each other somewhere off the clock. Or going on an official date.
I haven't read any of the books yet, so show only, please!

Doctrines of the Labyrinths - Felix/Mildmay. The dynamic between these two is so fucked up, but I really just want to see them get some sort of a happy ending together. Mildmay is my baby, and I feel so bad for this kid, and Felix is an utter dick, but I think the connection they have with one another is really lovely and interesting, and I'd like to see it explored. In a sexy way. I'm cool with AUs of basically any stripe.
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