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So I've never done one of these letters before, hopefully I cover everything, and do it right. First off, thanks so much for apparently being interested in the same weird, random stuff that I am. I know these fandoms are all over the places :/ In general, whatever you choose to do, I like the angsty, hot, slow burn. I also love long, plotty stuff, though obviously with a challenge like this, I'll be happy with whatever. And while obviously I have no say in what you'll write, what your comfort level is, I like porn. If you are willing and able to write that, please, please feel free :D But if that isn't your scene, I'll be pleased with whatever rating you do feel comfortable writing.

Justified: Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder
This one I don't have any concrete plot or scene I'd like to see, I just want more of them! I like fics set since the beginning of the series. While I don't mind the idea of them having fooled around as kids, I prefer for the action to start when we see them becoming reacquainted, or at any point after. I have such a thing for smart!Boyd, who never bought into any of the racist crap he was spewing, who just knows precisely how to get what he wants from anyone in any situation. Along those lines, I love the way he slinks around Raylan, and drawls even more around him, like he knows that *that* is what would get him what he wants from Raylan. I like the idea that neither of them would be particularly bothered by the gay aspect. Both sort of cocky and confident. Doesn't need to be romantic, but I think it works, when done right. Honestly don't mind if Ava is involved (whether with one, or both of them, or in a poly sort of way) or if you handwave her out of the picture. Just don't like Wynonna, period.)

Revenge: Emily Thorne/Nolan Ross
I'd love to see something that takes place towards the end of Emily's revenge, like the two of them about to witness her plan all coming together, what plans they might make for what to do after, off being jet-setting millionaires or settling down--either would make me happy. I just love the idea that Nolan is the only one who really knows and gets her entirely, and that he's the one that is ALWAYS on her side, no matter how far off the deep end she goes, how he never judges her, will always help her. His unconditional love for her seems brotherly at times, but the sexual tension between the two of them--the long looks, the way they cozy up to each other, the whispering in each other's ears...well, I can't ignore that. So something sexy and hot would be great, but something that also acknowledges the profound bond between them, the deep and abiding love, the fact that Emily could never have done what she did without Nolan at her side.
Alternately, I love how the two of them are always showing up together at parties, always walking around town together, always at each other's houses, etc. I mean, seriously, what must people be thinking of them? Something with that could be fun, too. But also sexy.

Jurassic Park 3: Alan Grant/Billy Brennan
This is one of those pairings that I saw immediately, and have yearned for ever since. There are a few good fics out there, but I'll always want more. I prefer for the relationship to begin after the events of the movie--whether hurt/comfort recovering from both their physical injuries, and dealing with Billy's actions on the island, or once they've moved on altogether, or perhaps on another wacky adventure. I really don't care how it happens. Just more Alan/Billy, please :D

Peter Pan: Captain Hook/Peter Pan
Okay, so these next few I have to be really clear in that I don't like chan stuff. I think the lines kind of blur for me around different ages, depending on which character we're discussing, but regardless, I don't get into the idea of a kid too young to consent, involved in a relationship with an adult. With Captain Hook and Peter, specifically, reading the novel, and watching the various movies (particularly the Jason Issac/Jeremy Sumpter film, and Hook) I've always had this feeling that perhaps Peter and James knew one another before coming to wonderland. That perhaps they came together, and something happened at some point that drove them apart, that led James to leave, and age, and come back. He remembers it, and that's what causes this horrible rivalry between them, because Peter flatly refuses to remember or acknowledge who he was before or knowing Captain Hook, because that would be too serious. I'd love to see something dealing with that, and Hook forcing him to remember somehow--because while Peter plays at being a boy still, there's far more going on there. Physically he's still young, but I think he's much older, mentally, if still somewhat innocent.
If that isn't your thing, I also like toying with the idea of Hook and Mr. Darling being the same person in some weird, twisted way, and Peter coming back to be with Wendy, and noticing all these small things that no one else does. Because Mr. Darling is so meek, and mild, and kind, right? And then there is sexy times. IDK.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka/Charlie Bucket
For this one, I prefer for Charlie to be in his mid-to late teens, at least. Age of consent, but I'm happy with adult Charlie, as well. I love the dynamic between these two--that even when Charlie first arrives, he's less innocent than Wonka. And how, even though Wonka is very innocent in some ways, he's very dark and twisted, in others. I think of him a lot of how I think of Peter--putting up this facade that even he tries so hard to believe in, to hide from others, and himself, the things he doesn't want to acknowledge. I like that Charlie sees through it, even as a kid, and calls him on it.
As far as plot, pretty much ANYTHING would make me happy. College-age Charlie going off to school and only being home on breaks, and Wonka going crazy and texting him all through his classes with ideas (and he had to go buy a CELLPHONE, CHARLIE!!! A CELLPHONE!) and making roadtrips to his dorm room (he had to LEAVE THE FACTORY, CHARLIE!) and weirding out Charlie's dormmates. Or teenaged Charlie angsting over his feelings. Or just world-building in the factory with fluffy romance on the side. Seriously, whatever! (some of the rooms in the factory for ~ideas: Crusty Cream Puff, Television Room, Brain Aches, Clotted Cream Room, Fizzy Lifting Drinks, Fudge Fallout Shower, Incompetent Fools, Mechanical Clouds, Orange Egg Flip, Root Beer Goggles, Scratch and Sniff Room, Cocoa Cats, Black Box of Frogs, Brussel Sprout Ice Cream, Cheese and Anchovies, Dodgy Accents, Eight Till Latte Room, Rubber Forest, Large Cavity, Nice Plums, Pastry Room, Heart Shaped Lungs, Projection Room, Secretarial Poodles, T-Bone Steak Jell-O, Stars in their Pies, Up And Out, and Fragile Egos)

Artemis Fowl: Artemis Fowl/Holly Short
Artemis' intelligence makes it a little easier for me to accept him in an underage relationship, but only after about the midway point of the books, where his maturity level has increased, as well. These two make me so achey. I shipped them from the first book (you know, thinking somewhere down the line, when he was older) and it got both better and worse as things progressed. I love how much their friendship deepens, and how clearly Artemis loves her. It breaks my heart how much his mind gets fucked up over the course of things. Ideally I would die for a fic that fixes all the mental damage he's taken. Something that came make him whole again. Holly could find something like that, I'm sure of it. With these two, it's all about the fluff. Though, I mean, it can be sexy fluff. Or plotty, adventure fluff. But mostly, I'm down with the fluff.
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